Tuesday, February 5, 2008


O62 - Daily
B 2 - Chris (2)
B15 - Chris
N43 - Tracy
O71 - Shannon T.
B11 - Wanda
G48 - Chris
O66 - Shannon T.
B 4 - Melissas (2)
N40 - Melissas
O73 - Shannon Mc.
B13 - Shannon Mc. (2)
I17 - Shannon Mc.
G59 - Cathy
O63 - Cathy
G60 - Cathy
N39 - Chris
B10 - Norma
I19 - Chris


Denise... said...


Sarah said...

Bingo too,

Aunt T said...

Oh darn - I finally had bingo too!

NormaJ said...

I had one number to go - phooee.

Shannon McGann said...

Oh, I had bingo too! Congratulations Denise!! You're quicker than I am!

wanda box said...

bingo here two but I just was able tyo look at 4:35pm congrad everyone
thanks to Barb for her awesome work

Alexandra said...

Oh, I had a bingo too but had to go pick up the kiddies.....Congrats! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Lorraine said...


Ok, I know I'm like, the last one, but I had to yell it! I never get a bingo! I'm guessing that there were no more numbers to draw, which is about the only I would win...

Shannon said...

I had one too but had to leave just before 11 am MST to take Ian to the hospital for surgery. Oh well - this was the first time I was even remotely close. Thanks for organizing this. It was a lot of fun.

Heather Grow said...

Congratulations Denise. I had one to go. Thanks so much Barb. I had a blast.