Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barb's knees #9

I made a card … sort of. I tried (really I did) to make a card by hand but I just couldn’t find any of the things I needed in Little HM’s (Gramma Stamper) craft things. Okay, so here’s the idea of what I was going to do. Maybe someone out there could do it right and send me a picture of the way it is supposed to be.

Here’s the computer generated version:

Here’s what it is supposed to be like:

Type out all the names in PhotoShop using a 45° angled rectangle text bounding box, just like the actual picture above. Then, reverse the horizontal (mirror) and print it out on vellum. Mount it backwards to make it correct again (because it is now be on the back of the vellum). It will appear somewhat diffused, much like in the picture. Mount the reversed picture on some nice textured paper, preferably dark blue. Mount a plaque with the “Thank-You” sentiment on it in the centre. An actual plaque with “Thank-You” would be ideal but “Thanks” would be fine too. Likewise, a blank plaque with the “Thank-You” stamped on it would be fine as well. Now, take a ribbon and mount it in a nice place (maybe the plaque you use is mounted with ribbon). Multi-coloured ribbon would be best but I did manage to find pre-cut bows but without the plaque, this just wasn’t enough. Depending on the size of the bow/ribbon another embellishment or two is called for. I found some lovely heart brads which would have worked fine as the bow was rather small and the card needed some balance.

Now for the challenge: Make this card and take a picture of it for me! Send the picture to Gramma Stamper’s email (in her profile on this page) and I’ll post it in the next day’s entry.

Remember, this card is for you so whoever makes one can display it proudly and say it came from the best looking cat in Thunder Bay. You can even put it in a self-addressed envelope and collect it with your mail … I’ll never tell … just don’t put a stamp on it.

And if you really go nuts, the inside should say “Thanks for the many thoughts, wishes and prayers and for making Gramma Stamper’s stay in the hospital much easier”. Sign it with my paw-print and under it you can put “Hank – for Gramma Stamper”. But all that is optional.

As for news on Little HM, there isn’t much. She’s having a bit of a down-day with some discomfort and some just plain wishing it was over. She has had comments on the wonderful flower arrangement Cathy sent her and wants to give a special acknowledgement to her.

Hi Yo Cathy!

Well, get to that card and be thankful for opposable thumbs. - Hank


Heather Grow said...

You sure are a smart kitty. I love your card.

pescbrico said...

The card is very cool! I agree with Heather!

ellie said...

Wish I could help...don't know anything about photoshop.
I just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you! I just haven't been on because the new puppy pees a lot! Please know that you and grampa stamper (& kitty) are in my prayers!

NormaJ said...

I love your card and like Ellie said, I'm no pro at photoshop, so
can only gaze on your card in wishful thinking and give you a big thankyou for your efforts for us. You have done a great job filling in and updating us.
Barb I'm there for you. Hope this
downer day rights itself soon.
Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb, sorry you're having kind of a blue day. This will pass. You know we have to take the good with the bad. Tomorrow will be a much brighter day I'm sure. Hang in there. It will all be over soon. Still thinking about you.

Joanne (tojoco)

Lesa said...

Love the virtual card as is. Nice job. Sorry Barb is having a blue day. Hopefully it lasts only a day and she has very few of them on this recuperation road. Hang Tough Woman! xoxo

Alexandra said...

Great card Hank! I will see what I can come up with but no promises - LOL! Barb, I hope you start feeling better, I know there are going to be some down days, but you will get there! Thinking warm wishes for you! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Kathy W said...

Hank, this is an awesome card. And Sneaker loves it, too. Wish we were closer so that we could arrange a "cat cardmaking crop" so that Sneaker could learn these cool tricks. Alas, another photoshop rookie here. That is why I never have cards to share; I have them made, but it takes me forever to get them through photoshop and to my gallery. Barb, the biggest of hugs today. Sorry that it is a rough one. Thinking of ya!