Friday, August 31, 2007

I Got Caught By Surprise!

As you know, we had a Bingo winner yesterday. Congratulations to Wanda for getting the X-shape bingo. I'll be sending your prize out today. Because I was caught by surprise, I'm not ready for the next round. I know it's the H-shape, but I haven't picked the prize yet. So, I'm going to be starting Round 4 on Tuesday, because Monday is Labour Day, therefore a long weekend. We've already got nine numbers to start with (which will be extremely helpful as I think this one is going to take a while). Any further cards which are submitted will be added to that and we could have a huge kick-off on Tuesday. However, if you all have plans for weekend fun, at least we'll have nine to start. Here is what the H-shape should look like.

As you can see, the H-shape can be either top, bottom and middle lines, OR left, right and middle lines. Two ways to win. I hope everyone is okay with this and, as soon as I decide on a prize, I'll post a picture of it.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Look at these gorgeous babies!

We only have two numbers today, so I thought I'd spruce up this post with pictures of my grandsons. The first pic is Owen, he's 14 months and playing peek-a-boo with his Mommy and the second picture is of Jackson, 13 months, wearing his 'do-rag'. At least, that's what my son said this head gear is called. My son loves motorcycles, but gave it up when they were expecting the baby. Smart move, I'd say!

So, on with the numbers for today. It's such a busy time of year right now with Mom's getting their children ready to return to school that there is precious little time available for crafting. I guess that's why there aren't many cards being submitted. But, Elizebeth has saved the day and provided an extra number for us. Thanks, Elizebeth, and a cute card it is, too!

I25 Today's number
B6 Courtesy of Elizebeth

Good Luck to all!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good Morning, Barb's Bingo Buddies!

I love alliteration, don't you? I have today's numbers for you, do you want them now? Maybe in a couple of hours as I like to keep the suspense up. No, you say, you want them now, right now! Okay, okay keep you knickers on! I won't make you wait any longer.

Oh, did I tell you that I love to craft early in the morning. Well, DH is back to work now. He teaches avionics in an Aircraft Maintenance program at the local college and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, he has to leave the house by 7:30 a.m. Do you know what this means? I'll be in my craft room about 7:31 a.m. I work best early in the day and maybe I'll have some cards to post later. I'm currently working on some Merrybella Christmas cards. What's your next project going to be. I also have a swap to finish up before too long, so that will keep me busy, too!

What? Oh yeah, I guess you want to play Bingo. Okay, here we go. I've toyed with you long enough. Funny, those expressions: toyed with you, kept you hanging on, I guess I shouldn't hem and haw any longer, and so, with baited know mints can help with that. Sorry, I digress:

B10 Today's number
I29 Courtesy of Denise
O65 Courtesy of Kathy
I28 Courtesy of Elizebeth

Well, there you go. Hope someone is getting close. Next game, I may call four numbers at a time, plus any extras for cards made. I like things to move swiftly, don't you?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I was really worried last night!

I check my e-mail about 10 pm, EST of course, and there weren't any card links for today's Bingo and I thought, oh no, I can't just give one number tomorrow. So, I dashed into my craft room (and if you could see me dash, you'd be ROTFLYourAO) to make a couple of cards. In doing so, I came up with something else to add into the mix of sketches and colour challenges. Now, any and all cards created using PUNCHES as a focal point are eligible for an extra bingo number. Here are the two cards I made last night, just so I could give out extra numbers today.

A very big thank you to Norma from Dittydots. I received several stamped images, some patterned paper, some scalloped squares and ribbon from her inside a lovely birthday card. So, thank you, Norma.

However, this morning when I checked my e-mail there were two more submissions for extra numbers. I knew you gals wouldn't let me down. So, today we will have five numbers for your Bingo pleasure. Here we go:

I26 Today's number
N33 My Hedgehog card
G60 My Thank you card
B12 Courtesy of Allison
I24 Courtesy of Christine

Alright, now you can make cards using your punches that have been purchased because you needed them. I will make that a true statement!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Good Monday Morning!

It's been a fairly busy weekend just past and not a lot of card creating for me. However, that does not apply to all these great Bingo players. Today we will have a total of eight numbers to get the week started. So, without further adieu, let's play Bingo!

B1 Today's Number
O62 Courtesy of Shannon
I23 Courtesy of Shannon I put this card in because of 2 reasons: I miscounted the quantity of numbers for today and promised 8, so I'll deliver 8; and, this card qualifies because it used In-colours! See, when I goof up, I admit it and you all win an extra number. Besides, I think all help will be greatfully excepted, right?)
B4 Courtesy of Christine
G48 Courtesy of Christine
G56 Courtesy of Elizebeth
O68 Courtesy of Elizebeth
N37 Courtesy of Christine

Good Luck to all.

If you check out Elizebeth's blog, you will see some great pictures of a very neatly organized craft space. I feel inspired to clean my room now, although it will never look as good as Elizebeth's. Right now, I'm crowded into a corner of the guest bedroom. DH and I think I should move out to the dining room because we don't have meals there very often. We usually eat in the area off the kitchen, or in front of the TV. With no children about, we can do this, eat in front of the TV! So, I may decide to move it all into the dining room. I'm still thinking about it because thinking does not necessarily translate into the hard work of moving.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


These are all the beautiful cards I've received so far. Most of them have come from my friends at The Stamp Shack. Some have included little extras as well, inside the card, like stamped images or the Studio G Clear Stamps. Great little surprises. It's been a wonderful month, literally, as the cards started arriving about the 10th of August. Since then, every day has been a terrific mail day with cards from around the world. Thank you so much for thinking of me and taking the time to make and send the lovely cards. It makes such a huge difference, particularly as we have no family close by with whom to celebrate this occasion. You have made it special for me!

Today I am going to Caryl Baker Visage, at our local shopping mall, for a FREE facial. It seems, that as a member of their club, you are given a free facial during your birthday month. I figured, why not actually on my birthday, so, in a couple of hours I will be heading out for some pampering. Perhaps dinner later with my wonderful DH, John. He always makes my birthday special!

I hope you all have a great day and, before I go out, I think I may have time to make a couple of cards. I've got some challenges to complete. See you later.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Today's Bingo Numbers

Good Morning, ladies. Did everyone see the post below with the bear in my yard? I've heard about bears in the area, but this is the first one that I've seen so 'up close and personal' like. There's nothing to be done 'cause this is pretty much their natural habitat with all the forest areas around. Northern Ontario has a huge bear population, but the government (not sure if Federal or Provincial) does not allow bear hunting, therefore the population continues to grow, their food sources then have to stretch to feed a growing population and that brings the bears closer to residential areas looking for food. It is a problem, but I don't know the answer. Anyway, on to more fun things, like Bingo!

O71 Today's number
B8 Courtesy of Alex
O73 Courtesy of Christine
G54 Courtesy of Christine
O67 Courtest of Christine
O72 Courtesy of Shannon

Okay, that's todays numbers. Anybody getting close? I think I'll do some crafting to take my mind off the bears. See you tomorrow, or maybe later today with a card post.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bear in my yard!

I just had to share these photos. This bear is standing under the sign which is our house number! I've lived in Thunder Bay for two years and this is the first time (and hopefully last time) that I've come this close to a bear.

Yup, just 50 feet from our front door! That is way to close for comfort. Anyway, have a nice evening. I'm closing all the doors and windows now and locking up for the night. I hope they don't have a key!

Good Morning, Bingo Players

We have six extra numbers today. Some of you are realizing that it's just too darn easy to make more than one card at a time and that really adds to those extra numbers. In fact, I received a couple of emails this morning that are so new, I haven't even had a chance to leave a comment yet, but I will. Okay, here we go.

B5 Today's number
G55 Courtesy of Donna
N43 Courtesy of Shannon
I21 Courtesy of Shannon
N40 Courtesy of Rhiannon
G51 Courtesy of Elizebeth
O74 Courtesy of Elizebeth

Terrific cards, ladies, I love them all. Such great ideas for me for future cards. I need to sponge more on patterned paper, it gives it a really cool look, I think.

If you didn't see the post below yet, of the laughing baby, please scroll down and take a look. It's a fabulous way to start your day. I play it over and over again and imagine it's one of my grandbabies laughing. It's not, but I pretend.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I just had to share this!

This laughing baby is so cute! Who couldn't use a lift?

Round 3, Day 2

You ladies are good about sending in your cards for extra numbers. Some are more prolific than others, some didn't know they actually made a card using certain colours, and some are just determined to win. However it is that they are submitted doesn't matter, as long as you get them in. I love seeing all the cards so thank you so much for making this Bingo fun for me, too! Are you ready to mark your cards. Okay, here we go:

N35 Regular number
B15 Courtesy of Alex
N34 Courtest of Nancy
O64 Courtesy of Donna
I30 Courtesy of Alex

I made a couple of cards last night that I will post later today because I haven't photographed them yet. And I'm posting them because these Bingo posts are boring without pictures! LOL! I have to pretty up my blog.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Round 3, Day 1

Welcome to Round 3. We start the day with eight numbers because we have already had some submissions. You ladies are eager to get more numbers and that's great. In fact, Tami made three cards with a food/drink theme and Katie made two.

I20 Regular number
B3 Courtesy of Elizebeth
N41 Courtesy of Tami
G46 Courtesy of Tami
O70 courtesy of Tami
B2 courtesy of Katie
G49 courtesy of Katie
O75 courtest of Alex

I must say, this is going to be fun making cards with food/drink theme! Thanks to all for the extra numbers. Good Luck!


Congratulations to Shannon, the winner of Round 2 in Bingo. I'll be mailing your prize tomorrow afternoon.

This means that Round 3 will begin tomorrow morning. When we lived in PEI, I was a consultant for Creative Memories. I still have tons of stock left, you know, things I thought people would like to buy. Well, they do like to buy them IF they know you've got them, but I'm no salesperson. I'd rather give it away and to that end, the prize for Round 3 is all CM products. Here's a picture. There's a corner rounder, a Metallic pen and a package of 36 photo mounts that are 4" x 6". I find they work equally well as patterned paper for card fronts, too. So, if you're not a scrapbooker, only a cardmaker, they will still be useful.

In order to win this delightful prize, you must get an X on your Bingo card. I thought perhaps a picture may be useful. To the best of my knowledge, there is only one way to get an X, but, if I'm wrong, please let me know.

I'm going to add another challenge to the mix. So, in addition to Sketches 1, 2 & 3, colours of brown, pink and green and any of the 2007 In-Colours by SU, let's add food. Here's a card I made today with a cupcake. YUMMY! Pull out your rubber stamps that have a food theme; vegetables, cakes, soups, coffee, nuts anything we can eat and make a card. I used my cupcake stamp from Inkspirations, a new rubber stamp online Canadian store. Go check it out, if you haven't already. I coloured the icing with Prismacolor Marker in Walnut and added a few Copper Stickles and some Perfect Pearls in pink for the little dotty things. The paper is by Karen Foster and the ribbon is from the ribbon tutorial by Rhi. I love it.

Leave a link to your card and get an extra number. That's all there is to it! So, see you tomorrow morning for the beginning of Round 3.

Lotsa Numbers Today!

It's been a craftin', busy weekend for me. I entered five challenges, so that means five extra numbers from me, alone. And, there were several entries from our players, too. Get your markers out, here we go:

O71 Regular number
O75 my challenge for Stampingranny
B2 my challenge for Beate's Weekend Sketch 15
O63 my challenge for IC89
N45 my challenge for FS28
B12 my challenge for Tracy's Happy Place

All of mine were highlighted in the original posts where they appeared. Now, on to the cards submitted by players:

I30 courtesy of Wanda
I22 courtesy of Heather
B6 courtesy of Elizebeth
I24 courtesy of Shannon
I20 courtesy of Elizebeth
B7 courtesy of Elizebeth

Okay, that's it for today. Thanks to all the ladies who submitted cards. Good Luck to you all!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's a jungle out there!

I love the simplicity of this card. It's just so delicate looking, to me anyway and clean. The title of this post is exactly what the sentiment says, if you can't see it.

This card was made for the Featured Stamper challenge that occurs every Sunday at SCS hosted by Beth. She does a wonderful job of choosing special stampers, in spite of the fact that she's just given birth a few weeks ago. (See, nothing, absolutely nothing, stops us stampers!) You can see the rules here. This week's FS is Melissa. You can see the card I modelled mine upon here and her blog {here}. Melissa has some lovely cards in her gallery and I'll be checking out her blog much more frequently now.

I don't feel like I'm finished playing just yet, so there may be another post later today. Stay tuned!

I did say I wasn't finished playing yet. It's now about two hours later and I just finished this card for Tracy's Happy Place. She wanted to see Christmas cards and I just recently received my TAC Snowy Swirls. I am in love with this set. It just makes me happy.

Okay, I'm finished now and it's back to Bingo tomorrow with lots of numbers coming up.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Two More Challenges ...Two More Numbers!

Okay, I'm on a roll. This afternoon I made this card which complies with two challenges. IC89 on SCS and Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge 15. This is worth two extra numbers to be called on Monday.


I also was nominated for the Nice Award by my good friend from The Stamp Shack, Sherri, a.k.a. iloveflipflops. She's a real sweetie and I'm going to be her roommate when we Shackies gather together for Scrapfest at Mall of America in Minneapolis Sep 6 - 9. Now it's my turn to nominate five people and here they are:

Alex because I just love reading her blog and her love for family shines through.

Jami because she is just a sweetheart and passed tons of information to me for my upcoming knee surgery.

Jan because she does just the nicest things for people. I'm always reading about her kindnesses to others over at The Shack.

Beth because I love looking at the pictures of her family. To me, she and her husband epitomize what family life should be like. And she just had the cutest baby and that's high praise coming from me 'cause I think my two grandsons are just beautiful.

And, last, but definitely not least, Charmaine because she was the first person from whom I copied a card. It was a tri-fold card and she left me the nicest compliment ever.

I could go on and on, but I'd best leave some bloggers so that others can make nominations of their own. Thank you to all the great women named here that I so admire.

Weekend Challenges

With no Bingo numbers to call today or tomorrow, I will be entering some challenges. As you may know from a previous post, my DS Andrew recently became engaged to a lovely young woman, Sheena. This is the card I made for them and it will be my entry for the challenge over at Stampingranny's.

The challenge is to make a gate fold card, which I love BTW, and the engagement was a perfect opportunity to really 'gussy' it up! I used the tutorial by Beate Johns and a couple of little details (read hearts on the front) that I saw at Oodabug Alley. Thanks, Charmaine I did tell you I loved it, but couldn't quite bring myself to copy it exactly, although I did think about it. The tool that is most useful for the gate fold card is my Scor-Pal. I use this little baby EVERY TIME I made a card. I will never hand-fold again. Thanks so much to Diana Crick for creating this terrific, can't-live-without-tool.
I followed Beate's tutorial closely using the same colours of Blue Bayou and Soft Sky. I was even going to use the same scrolly, swirly stamp set, but used my Gel-A-Tins set called Flourishes. It was a gift from my DD Tiffany on her trip to San Francisco. I stamped the flourshes in Soft Sky and Blue Bayou. The hearts are from the SU set, Simply Said and were stamped using my Thing-A-Majig to line it up accurately. Then came the Slit Punch by SU and some lacy, pearly ribbon I got at that marvelous $$ store.
The quote on the inside of the card I found on page 104 of the current SU Fall and Winter Catalogue. Who knew it would be such a great resource for quotes! So, that's it for the moment. I've decided that for every challenge I enter this weekend, I'm going to add an extra Bingo number on Monday. We really need someone to win so we can move on to the next Round! Have a wonderful day, I'm going back to my craft room to do a card for Beate's weekend sketch challenge # 15. You can get the details here.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Freakin' Free Friday!

I don't know about you, ladies, but I fear this game for the T-shape Bingo will never end! In order to help it along a little, I'm calling two free numbers today, along with the regular number and the extras for the cards submitted. I promise, the next Round will have more than one way to win! If smoking was allowed in this Bingo hall, the air would be positively gray, it's taking so long. Okay, onwards and upwards towards somebody winning this game.

N35 - Regular number
G57 - courtesy of Kathy
G54 - courtesy of Wanda
O70 - courtesy of Rhi
I29- Freakin' Free number
N42 - Freakin' Free number

Alright, that's Bingo for this week. I hope we have a winner, if not, we'll play this game again on Monday morning. You may still send in any submissions for cards over the weekend, too.

Good Luck!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

There's lots of numbers today, ladies!

This is good! If you made multiple cards, then the same number of cards you made will equal the numbers called. The names of multiple card makers will only be highlighted once however as going to their blog you will see all cards. Okay, good luck and here we go:

Under the:

B13 - Regular number
B5 - courtesy of Angie, who's bf's birthday was August 5th
I23 - courtesy of Tami
G50 - courtesy of Tami
O61 - courtesy of Wanda
O73 - courtesy of Wanda
B10 - courtesy of Wanda
O65 - courtesy of Wanda
N38 - courtesy of Rhi
G47 - courtesy of Elizebeth

That's a total of 10, count 'em, 10 numbers for today. Surely to goodness this will help a lot of players!

I'm going to add another colour challenge and it will be to make a card using any of the new SU In-colours: Groovy Guava, Soft Sky, Wild Wasabi, Purely Pomegranate, River Rock or Blue Bayou. (Okay, I have way to much SU stuff ~ I knew these colours from memory.) Remember, you can use any of the sketches and now either of the two colour challenges. Ladies, go forth and create! and have FUN!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here's to a better day!

I'm a dork. There is no N25 -- it should read I25. Thanks to Alex for pointing this out to me. You see, this is why I DON'T PLAY Bingo!

I read the comments yesterday and am sensing a little frustration! I can certainly understand that when there are 74 numbers on a card and not one is called that works for YOU! I thought of an idea that may help a little bit. Here it is: any Bingo participants that have birthdays in August, post a comment saying which day, ie. my birthday is Aug 25. If the date of your birthday has not been called, then I will add it to the numbers tomorrow. Today, there will be a regular number called, an extra number for a card that was submitted and my birthday number. Okay, lets give it a whirl, shall we.

I28 - Regular number
N44 - courtesy of Elizebeth
I25 - my birthday

Okay, let's hear from all the Bingo-playing, August babies out there so we can get more numbers!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Nominations

Because Heather, aka hbpuppy, of We Grow By Our Dreams nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger, I get the wonderful privilege of nomination five people too! There are so many fabulous blogs I read regularly, I'm sorry I can only nominate five, but here they are:

Nancy of Nancy's Creative Mess
Rhi of Rings Like a Bell
Monica of Talk to the Ham
Frances of Stamp Owl's Studio
Jennifer of Thimbles, bobbins, paper and ink

All you ladies are Rockin' Girl Bloggers, so cut and paste the logo from my blog and display it on yours.

Round 2 continues.....

There were so many numbers yesterday, but no winner! How can that be? I guess I did too good a job making Bingo cards. I made them using Research Randomizer and it does a terrific job, depending on whether or not you're getting the numbers! Well, the game continues today and I wish all players the best of luck.

Something really nice happened yesterday. Heather, aka hbpuppy, and author of We Grow By Our Dreams, nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Thank you, Heather, for saying such sweet things about me and I will proudly display the logo. I will nominate five others in a separate post today, as I can just feel the collective yelling, GET ON WITH THE BINGO!

Alright, here we go, ladies:

N41 regular number
N36 (courtesy of Donna)
B14(courtesy of Nancy)
B8 (courtesy of Kathy)
G46 (courtesy of Elizebeth)

Keep those cards coming in, I love looking at them.

Monday, August 13, 2007

What A Fine Weekend!

The weather was just beutiful here in Thunder Bay, ON. We had dinner at the waterfront on Friday evening where we sat in the shade, looking out over the harbour admiring all the lovely sailboats and power boats anchored there. The breeze from the lake was like a whisper and just enough to be comfortable. Pure magic.
The remainder of the weekend was spent in "relax" mode, which for me, includes plenty of time for crafting. Not only did I complete several cards, but I did some reorganizing. I separated my stack of patterned into groups, ie. Christmas, Halloween, Baby, Toddler, Masculine, etc. so it would be easier to find. Then, I made labels for the spines of my CD cases which hold my unmounted stamps. At last count, I have about 75 - 80 cases. Thank goodness they're clear; easier to camouflage that way so DH doesn't see them all in one huge stack! I was surprised so I can't imagine what his reaction would be.

Now, it's time to resume the Bingo game. There were plenty of submissions this weekend and today I'm happy to say we have nine (9) numbers to call. Get your cards ready, ladies, here we go:

G49 Saturday number
I17 Sunday number
N33 (courtesy of Shannon)
B9 (courtesy of Wanda )
G58 (courtesy of Wanda )
I16 (courtesy of Rhi)
B11 (courtesy of Heather)
I21 (courtesy of Tami)
N31 (courtesy of Rhi)

Thank you, ladies, for your cards. It makes the game so much fun.

I'm going to throw in a colour challenge now. Make any card you like using the following colours: green, pink, brown. Here's a card I made using these colours.

The specific colours in this card are Pretty In Pink, Chocolate Chip and Old Olive, but you don't have to use SU colours. And, remember, the sketches are still in play as well.

Good Luck and have a great day!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally, a wonderful way to tie a bow/ribbon!

Thanks so much to Rhiannon of Rings Like a Bell. She had posted a tutorial on her blog showing a special method of making a great bow. I tried it and, by gum, it worked! Thanks, Rhi. You can check it out here.
See that ribbon/flower on the left? Doesn't it look fabulous? Just follow the easy instructions on Rhi's blog and you, too, can have a gorgeous ribbon/flower. I used Only Orange c/s, layered with pp by Heidi Grace, some fibre from the $$ store. The image is from a grab bag from Hambo Stamps. I stamped it onto Very Vanilla and coloured with Prismacolor Markers. Then I made the ribbon flower using four different ribbons and some black fibre.

After that card, I saw a sketch challenge I liked at My Time, My Creations and I wanted to participate. I almost never pick an image first when I make a card, but today was different. I knew I wanted to use my Stella Ruby paper by Basic Grey and it has a sewing theme running through it, which I hadn't really noticed until the other day. This image is part of a prize I won for a Scavenger Hunt at The Stamping Zoo (it is no longer in business, I'm sorry to say). I used Old Olive c/s for the base and Stella Ruby for the layers. I stamped the image onto Very Vanilla using Tim Holtz' Distress Ink in Walnut Stain. Then, I grabbed some ribbon from MM and used Tami's tip to straighten it. What a great way to iron it, thanks, Tami. I topped it off with a big, round brad from, where else, the $$ store. I removed the prongs with scissors so that I didn't need to poke through to the inside of the card. I like this idea and use it often. Then the inside of the card doesn't look messy or need extra cardstock on it. Thanks, Lauren, for a great sketch challenge.

Tomorrow I'll be back to calling numbers for the Bingo game. There are five (5) numbers to call so far. If you've got a card made, post a comment with a link. The more numbers called, the better the chances of an early winner!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Couldn't sleep last night!

I'll be so glad when the doctor's office calls with a date for my knee replacement surgery. Hopefully, sometime between the last week of August and the 2nd week of September. I'm having both knees done at the same time and it can't come soon enough! Last night it just felt like a red-hot poker was being held against my knee and the pain was unbearable. So, I got up and went into my craft room to take my mind off of it. Apparently pain helps MY creative process. I did three cards in about 2 hours and guess what: I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THE PAIN! YIPPEE SKIPPY!

I made a card for Shackie friend whose birthday is this month. I hope she likes it. It's Billboardabella from my ever-growing Stamping Bella collection. Did you know Billboardabella comes with about nine different sayings? I used Cool Caribbean cardstock and layered some of the gorgeous Glitter Stack, some of which is the prize in Round 2 of Bingo. Then I stamped Billboardabella onto Very Vanilla c/s and mounted it onto Cool Caribbean. I picked up some cute little MM flowers & brads and the irridescent butterflies at the Dollarama the other day, along with many other craft goodies. (BTW - all of the embellishments I purchased were $1.00, hence the name Dollarama, I guess - DUH!)

Actually, there are several Shackies with birthdays this month. Here's another card I made in the fog of pain! LOL! This time we have Bubblebella. The cardstock for this is Lovely Lilac. Once again, background paper is from the Glitter Stack (I'm loving this paper and it's perfect for "da Bellas"). The sentiment is also a wonderful embellishment from Dollarama. Bubblebella was coloured with Prismacolor Pencils and blended with odorless mineral spirits and a blending stump. I used pink Perfect Pearls on some of the bubbles and Stickles on others. Of course, I did this before attaching the mounted, stamped image to the card base. So, when I turned the image over to place the adhesive, some of the glitter and pearls got smudged. But, you know what I think? Well, I'll tell you: I think it looks like there's a bit of steam rising from the tub and bubbles bursting in the air, so I left it. I don't think it looks too bad and, if anyone asks, I'll tell them I did it on purpose!

And, my final card in the middle of the night is one I made for Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge 14 which you can see here. I picked up some fabulous Halloween paper at my local LSS last week and have been wanting to cut into it. You all know how that feels, to have new paper and just chomping at the bit to use it! I know you do...that's how I've been feeling and last night, I was able to give in to my desire. The black cardstock is from Bazzill and was trimmed just as you see it. No fancy cutting for me, I wouldn't have the patience. The striped paper is double-sided and is part of the Holiday Collection by KEI (I think, it's so small I can't read it, even WITH my glasses). The paper under the image is Halloween Slanted Lines by Heidi Grace. It's been a while since I used my MissyB Designs stamps, but she is perfect for Halloween, so I inked her up. Elegant Eggplant, Pumpkin Pie and Almost Artichoke was used around the edges of the stamped image and sentiment. For Halloween, the messier, the better! My final touch was this huge spider, also from Dollarama. Man, I can't wait to go back there!

Well, there you have it! BTW, when I was finished, the pain in my knees had disappeared. Maybe I should re-think the surgery as it could be a grand excuse to always be needing new supplies to 'help me forget the pain'. LOL!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bingo will resume on Monday!

I think I need a break from Bingo. On Monday morning, I will post more Bingo numbers. I will call a Saturday number, a Sunday number, a Monday number and extra numbers, if more cards a linked. So far, there has already been one card linked, making at least four numbers for Monday morning. During the weekend, I am going to do some crafting of my own, maybe a couple of SCS challenges and will, hopefully, post here.

I wish everyone a very happy and pleasant weekend. See you Monday.

Fantastic News Today!

I know this is the beginning of Round 2 of our Bingo game, but before we get started I want to share some wonderful news. My DS, Andrew, proposed to his girlfriend, Sheena on Wednesday evening and she accepted his proposal. They are officially ENGAGED. They have been a couple for eight years now, since Andrew was 18 and Sheena 17 and have shared a home for the past three years or so. I couldn't be happier for both of them and I'm proud to have Sheena for my DIL. She is a lovely young woman. Here's a picture of them just after they announced their engagement. In honour of this grand occasion, I'm throwing in an extra number!

B15 Regular number
O72 Celebration of Andrew & Sheena’s engagement
N39 (courtesy of Heather)
G48 (courtesy of Donna)
I19 (courtesy of Kathy)
N34 (courtesy of Elizabeth)

Let the game begin and don't forget I added Sketch 3 (see post below). We are playing for a T-shape this Round. That's the top row and the N-column!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

We have a WINNER!

Congratulations to jodene. Jodene was the first person in Round 1 to achieve a Bingo. She has sent me her snail mail addy and her prize will be going out tomorrow. Did everyone have fun? I sure did.

Round 2 begins tomorrow!

Here is what you must get for Round 2 Bingo: Be the first to have a T (9 filled spaces forming a T going through the center square).

The prize for Round 2 will be 12 sheets of 6" x 6" Glitter Stack Paper by DCWV. This stuff is gorgeous. It won't let me download a picture, but here is a link. I couldn't even get the picture to enlarge, but this is the one. I have the 12" x 12" book, and for this prize I will cut 12 different sheets into 6" x 6" size and send you one of each. It's brand new, I haven't even opened it yet and I'm more than happy to share. So, in essence, I'm making up a 6" x 6" book for you from my stash. I hope that is acceptable to the potential winner.

Okay, cards made from either Sketch 1 or Sketch 2 will be acceptable for all Rounds, plus any other that may be added. Alright, you talked me into it. Here's another sketch. Please remember that all sketches are courtesy of Kerry U. a member of The Stamp Shack. You can check out Kerry's blog here.

Sketch 3 (I don't even have a card made for this yet, but I should have sometime tomorrow).

Well ladies, get to work, make some cards and post a comment to let me know. We're gonna need all the help we can get on Round 2 to make that T-shape in order to win Bingo!

Round 1, Day 3 of Bingo

WOW! There are five numbers being called today. The regular number and four extras courtesy of those who have submitted cards. YIPPEE!

I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m having a whale of a time with this game. Yes, it’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work, but so much fun. I can tell when someone is getting close, I’m not saying anyone is, or isn’t, but only that I will be the first to know. I think that’s why I loved being an executive admin assistant when I was a working girl. I was privy to all sorts of information, but responsible for none of the big decisions. I just love knowing what others don’t. This is a perfect game for me. So, thanks for letting me be a Miss-Know-It-All!

I may have some time to craft today. Yesterday we had the carpeting in our office ripped out and replaced with a slate-like floor. Here’s a before and after picture for you.

The cream coloured carpet, while not old, definitely needed replacing. It was so dirty I was embarrassed. This new floor will be much easier to keep clean when we spill coffee or the like on it. Now that the floor is done, I think I’ll arrange for the rest of the carpets to be steam cleaned, then everything will be like new.

I24 - Regular number
B2 – (courtesy of Kathy)
G56 – (courtesy of Allison)
B13 – (courtesy of Donna)
O75 – (courtesy of Wanda)

Will we have a BINGO today?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The Bingo numbers for Wednesday, August 8th appear below this post. I don't know why, but I'm trying to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience, ladies. Please scroll down for the post headed "Round 1, Day 2"

It has recently come to my attention that I FORGOT to put the "Free Space" in the middle of the bingo cards!!! Please accept my apologies and, for this round only, everybody please mark the middle space with an X right now! It has become a wild space and, no matter what your number is, mark it off. I have a copy of everyone's unique bingo card and have already done that.

As soon as this round is complete and we have a winner. I will send out new bingo cards to everyone, with the Free Space marked as such. No other numbers will change, just that one. I can't believe I made such a huge error. Someone suggested I could leave it as it is and just make ya' all work harder, but I would always know I made a mistake. Please accept my apologies, but I will make it right in Round 2.

As an added bonus, here is Sketch 2. If you found the first sketch a big challenge, this one may be easier for you.

You can click on the pics for a larger view, if you like.

So, does everybody forgive me?

Round 1,Day 2

There have been four (4) cards submitted since yesterday's post, so today I will call five (5) numbers; one regular and one for each card submitted based on a sketch.

I've been asked if you need to use a specific sketch and the answer is NO, you may choose whatever sketch you wish from the available sketches. For example, there are now two sketches, Sketch 1 and Sketch 2. Please feel free to use either one.

I29 - Regular number
N43 - (courtesy of Christine)
B5 - (courtesy of Jodene)
B15 - (courtesy of Rhi)
B1 - (courtesy of Elizabeth)

Here's another card I made, based on Sketch 2, which is a personal favourite of mine. Just so we're clear, any card I post is not eligible for an extra number.

Remember, Round 1 is for five (5) numbers in a line, either up, down, across or diagonal. If that's YOU, post a comment immediately calling BINGO. (Pattyjo, play nice, please. LOL!) Good Luck everyone.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Farmer Brownie had a dog.....BINGO......

Wait no longer, ladies, the game is on. There will be three numbers called today.
So far, we have about 30 players. I have no cards left, but could make more if anyone wants to join in at this point.
Are you ready, have your daubers at hand......okay, let's play.

Round 1: Be the first person to have a bingo. (5 consecutive spaces diagonal, across or down)

B8 (courtesy of Nancy)
B3 (courtesy of Rhi)

So you see how this works? For every card created based on Sketch 1, and a comment left with a link, another number is added. As sketches, or other challenges are added, you will have a choice of what to use to create your card. I may post a colour combo challenge or something like that. I'm pretty sure I'll mix it up between colour combos and card sketches. That way, there should be something for everybody, I hope.

If you make a card today, please post it here, along with the link so I can see it. Every card link received and verified until 11:59 p.m., Tues, Aug. 7, will result in an extra numbers being called tomorrow.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge - 13

With all the organizing and getting ready for the Bingo game, which starts on Tuesday, I haven't done much stamping for fun. Today I had some time so I created this card for the challenge at Fresh & Fun. I really like this layout and may use it for my Christmas cards this year. During my 'blurfing' this afternoon, I saw this colour combination at Stamp Till You Cramp and thought it was a great combo. Thanks, Shannon! For the purpose of my card, it definitely falls into the category of non-traditional Christmas colours, however, not only did I like the colour combo, I wanted to use my new stamp set from TAC known as Snowy Swirls. It just proves that just because you love two different things, they may not always work well together! I decided THAT half-way through the project and was too lazy and too cheap to cut up more of my precious cardstock! No matter, I'm going to submit it at Beate's blog so maybe I can win a prize.

See you soon.

Cardstock: Sage Shadow, Blue Bayou
Stamps: Snowy Swirls - TAC
Ink: Blue Bayou
Accessories: Blue Bayou DS ribbon, silver brads

First sketch for the Bingo game!

At first, I thought Kerry's sketch, which she made especially for this Bingo game, would be difficult. After sleeping on it, this idea came to me this morning. I pulled out my Mini Mates from SU (28 stamps in that set, all small) and started stamping away. The card base is 6" x 6". The mat with the numbers is 5.75" x 5.75", and the white c/s is 5.5" x 5.5". I then used my Scor-Pal to mark the lines off at 1" intervals, leaving a space at the top of .5". Then I trimmed the card on the right side to make it 5". There were different coloured stamp pads all over my desk and I just stamped randomly. Another way to 'play' with this card would be to make it a match game, you know, match the sayings with the pics.
Anyway, that's my take on sketch #1.

Remember, you DO NOT have to make a card to play. It is not mandatory, but for every card that is made, and you leave a comment with a link to it (either you own blog OR an online gallery such as SCS or Stamp Shack), then an extra number will be posted/called for that day. You can start leaving your comments and card links today and I'll keep track of how many numbers will be called on Tuesday morning. I hope to have my posts available to you by 8:00 a.m. (EST) every day.

We've got several players so far that will make this a terrific game.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's BINGO TIME! Get your cards NOW!

Well, I had such a good time playing Blogger Bingo over at Poetic Artistry, that I wanted to do a bingo game of my own. I contacted Julee Tilman and asked for her blessing and permission to use her idea, which has been graciously granted. If you think it is the same, except for the bingo cards which I created all by myself, you would be right. I'm going to use the same rules as Julee did 'cause they were great.
I will be using sketches that have been designed by Kerry at The Stamping Bug, mostly because she's way better at it than I am. Kerry and I are both members of The Stamp Shack, too. Okay, here are the rules.


Prizes: The first prize up for grabs is a package of 6” x 6” sheets from the Stella Ruby Collection by Basic Grey. The prize for the next round will be announced after each win. There will be a minimum of 6 prizes (one for each type of Bingo, plus a random winner from all the entries for each sketch challenge). We will play the game in rounds. So for Round 1, we will play until the first person gets BINGO, T, H, X or Blackout. Then whatever type of Bingo they win with will be excluded from the next rounds. So Round 2 was a T, Round 3 an H, and Round 4 is currently for an X or Blackout.

Eligibility: You must email me with your first and last name to request your official Bingo card. Please use the words "BARB'S BINGO CARD REQUEST" in the subject line of your email. I will then email each player a unique card that is assigned specifically to them, so that I can verify all winners. Only one card will be issued per person. Anyone can play, and you can join in the fun at any time. I do reserve the right to swap out the posted prizes for gift certificates if your shipping address is outside the US or Canada. Be sure to hang onto a clean copy of your card, because the game board resets each round.

Ways to Win:
Round 1: Be the first person to have a bingo. (5 consecutive spaces diagonal, across or down)
Round 2: Be the first to have a T (9 filled spaces forming a T going through the center square)
Round 3: Be the first to have an H (13 filled spaces forming an H going through the center square)
Round 4: Be the first to have an X (9 filled spaces forming an X going through the center square)
Round 5: Be the first to have a Blackout (All spaces on the card ar filled)
Be randomly picked as a winner from all card contest entries.

You must email me or comment on a post stating that you are the first to have Bingo, T, X, H or Blackout, to claim your prize. All claims will be verified against my master list. The order the numbers are called/listed on each day's post is the order I will use to determine the winner if there is more than one claim. In the event there is still a tie, the winner will be the one with the highest total when their winning numbers are added together. Once someone has won in any given category, that category is no longer active and we will clear the Bingo cards (put all the numbers back in the pot) and start the game again until we have a winner in each category.

Bingo Calling:
I will call (post) a new number each day starting Tuesday, August 7. I will also maintain a master post with all called numbers for the current round in case you get behind or start late. If you want to speed up the bingo calling, just enter a card in the contest. Make a card using the following official card sketch and post a link to it in the comments of this post. For every card entered, I will call a new bingo number. Depending on how long the game goes, I will post new challenges every few weeks.

Here is the sketch made by Kerry especially for Barb's Bingo. It's so new I haven't even made my card yet. As soon as I have, I will post it here.

Barb's Bingo ~ Sketch #1

Okay, email me now to get your Barb's Card Creations Bingo Card! The game begins Tuesday with 1 number called, and for every card submitted for Bingo Sketch #1, and extra number will be called.

Friday, August 3, 2007

A Simple Card

However, the reason for the card is not so simple. This is for a friend of one of the member's of The Stamp Shack. Her friend has recently been diagnosed with cancer and several of the Shack members will be sending her cards of encouragement for her fight. We were told that this woman "is using the analogy of a fierce battle to oust an invader to help her cope. As she says, she's very much "in her head and in her thoughts" at the moment, does not want pity or sympathy, just wants to fight." Apparently "she has an absolutely irreverent, quirky sense of humour" and this will go a long way in helping her battle this dreadful disease. I'm hoping that she will find strength and humour in my card.

Cardstock: Shimmery White
Stamps: Green Thumb by Papertrey Ink
Ink: ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink in Pink, Mauve, Sand
Accessories: Pink Ribbon

Thursday, August 2, 2007


This is the card I promised to show you today. My photos always turn out better when photographed in natural light, but I think this applies to everybody. That's my excuse 'cause I was way to tired last night to do it, it was so hot. The weather has finely broken and we are at a very pleasant 24 degrees C., with a light breeze.
This card was made for SCS sketch challenge by Rox71. You can see the details here.
I found it very intimidating to get that centre strip just right. It took me about three tries. Thank goodness the original paper was 12 x 12! There is now about a 2" square piece left. This paper is gorgeous. Unfortunately, there was nothing on the back to indicate the manufacturer, but I do know I picked it up at Michaels on my last visit there. The scalloped oval was cut out using my giga punch on metallic gold paper by Creative Memories. Then, using the same DP, I Cuttlebugged the corners and glued them down and added mini-brads. I tried stamping the Good Luck on shimmer white paper as well, but the matching paper looked better in the end.

This card is going to have a special purpose. You must have heard by now that Whoopi Goldberg has been hired to join The View. Several of us at The Stamp Shack have decided to send her congratulatory cards. This is the card I will be sending.

I'm off to my craft room once again to make more cards. Hopefully they will be good enough to post! LOL! Believe me, not all of my creations make it to this blog.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Still catching up with those Dirty Dares!

Geez, I'm so far behind I don't think I'll ever catch up! This is one of the Monday challenges by prbloom. You can check out her gallery by clicking her highlighted name. Her challenge was to take our favourite animal set and make a card with blue and green animals. Well, as you can see, I did that, but I just had to had a bit of dash with that red thing and, don't ask, I don't know what it is supposed to be. These creatures are from Silly SeaLife by SU. The card base is Cameo Coral, the DP is by Paper Pizazz called "Pool Water". I put some Karen Foster Loopy Brads on the corners and threaded some green wire through them. This is my first time using them and I can see where some improvement is necessary. Anybody have a tutorial on how to use them, please let me know. Then, I threw a couple of star brads in hoping that you could imagine they are star-fish. C'mon, you can do it, I know you can. And there you have a card from Monday's challenge.
It's been so hot here in Northern Ontario that all I can think of is cards with a water theme. You'll notice a pattern in the next card, too!

This card is from the last day of challenges, which was Tuesday. Yvette is responsible for this challenge to make a tag card. You can see her gallery here. This is my first attempt at a tag card and I must say, it was super easy and it won't be the last. The only stipulation was to use the same stamp set for all the panels and/or sentiments. We could have hand-written a sentiment, but NOT do a computer-generated one. No problem as the SU stamp set which I used, Crab & Co., has sentiments as well as great critters. The card measures 9" x 5-1/2" and is scored at 3" and 6". I chose a Bazzill cardstock in a sandy-beigey colour. The DP is by Provo Craft and was purchased at Michaels. I noticed on Asela Hopkins blog, Hop Art Studio that she always gives the colour names of media she has used. I like that idea, so I'm going to give it a try. These images were all coloured with Prismacolor Markers. The clam on the left panel was coloured with Deco Aqua and Celadon Green, the crab in the centre is Pale Vermillion and the shrimp on the right is coloured with Goldenrod and Yellow Ochre, then I added Yellow Stickles to him for some bling. I put some Glitter stuff under the clam and crab and a little blue Stickles under the shrimp. I used a variety of shapes of brads and added bits and pieces of ribbon and/or fibre to the top. I really enjoyed making this style of card and just love how it turned out.
Well, that's it for today, I'll be back tomorrow as I made a card tonight, but I like to photograph them in natural light, so you'll have to come back to see it. It's a beauty and you won't want to miss it!