Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's BINGO TIME! Get your cards NOW!

Well, I had such a good time playing Blogger Bingo over at Poetic Artistry, that I wanted to do a bingo game of my own. I contacted Julee Tilman and asked for her blessing and permission to use her idea, which has been graciously granted. If you think it is the same, except for the bingo cards which I created all by myself, you would be right. I'm going to use the same rules as Julee did 'cause they were great.
I will be using sketches that have been designed by Kerry at The Stamping Bug, mostly because she's way better at it than I am. Kerry and I are both members of The Stamp Shack, too. Okay, here are the rules.


Prizes: The first prize up for grabs is a package of 6” x 6” sheets from the Stella Ruby Collection by Basic Grey. The prize for the next round will be announced after each win. There will be a minimum of 6 prizes (one for each type of Bingo, plus a random winner from all the entries for each sketch challenge). We will play the game in rounds. So for Round 1, we will play until the first person gets BINGO, T, H, X or Blackout. Then whatever type of Bingo they win with will be excluded from the next rounds. So Round 2 was a T, Round 3 an H, and Round 4 is currently for an X or Blackout.

Eligibility: You must email me with your first and last name to request your official Bingo card. Please use the words "BARB'S BINGO CARD REQUEST" in the subject line of your email. I will then email each player a unique card that is assigned specifically to them, so that I can verify all winners. Only one card will be issued per person. Anyone can play, and you can join in the fun at any time. I do reserve the right to swap out the posted prizes for gift certificates if your shipping address is outside the US or Canada. Be sure to hang onto a clean copy of your card, because the game board resets each round.

Ways to Win:
Round 1: Be the first person to have a bingo. (5 consecutive spaces diagonal, across or down)
Round 2: Be the first to have a T (9 filled spaces forming a T going through the center square)
Round 3: Be the first to have an H (13 filled spaces forming an H going through the center square)
Round 4: Be the first to have an X (9 filled spaces forming an X going through the center square)
Round 5: Be the first to have a Blackout (All spaces on the card ar filled)
Be randomly picked as a winner from all card contest entries.

You must email me or comment on a post stating that you are the first to have Bingo, T, X, H or Blackout, to claim your prize. All claims will be verified against my master list. The order the numbers are called/listed on each day's post is the order I will use to determine the winner if there is more than one claim. In the event there is still a tie, the winner will be the one with the highest total when their winning numbers are added together. Once someone has won in any given category, that category is no longer active and we will clear the Bingo cards (put all the numbers back in the pot) and start the game again until we have a winner in each category.

Bingo Calling:
I will call (post) a new number each day starting Tuesday, August 7. I will also maintain a master post with all called numbers for the current round in case you get behind or start late. If you want to speed up the bingo calling, just enter a card in the contest. Make a card using the following official card sketch and post a link to it in the comments of this post. For every card entered, I will call a new bingo number. Depending on how long the game goes, I will post new challenges every few weeks.

Here is the sketch made by Kerry especially for Barb's Bingo. It's so new I haven't even made my card yet. As soon as I have, I will post it here.

Barb's Bingo ~ Sketch #1

Okay, email me now to get your Barb's Card Creations Bingo Card! The game begins Tuesday with 1 number called, and for every card submitted for Bingo Sketch #1, and extra number will be called.


Tami said...

What a fun idea! The bg paper is absolutely yummy.

Alexandra said...

This is a fabulous idea Barb! I sent you an email cuz ya know I am a playin' :-) *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Shannon McGann said...

Great idea! Thanks for the fun!

wanda box said...

Hi Barb,
this sounds like so much fun I tried the email link and it would not go through, can you still email me a bingo card? Here is my email address.

Wanda Box

Heather Grow said...

Fun challenge Barb. I'm in!

Denise said...

Me too! I sent you an e-mail

Christine said...

Hi there, I would love to play the bingo game, but I couldn't get the e-mail link to work. My e-mail is if you could include me in your bingo game that would be great fun! Thanks, Christine Baker

shuggy said...

woo hoo!! i'm in!

Alexandra said...

Okay Barb, I have sent a couple of emails but for some reason they are not going through so please send me a card! Here is my email address:! Can't wait to play!


Barb T(scs btexpress) said...

Hey Barb
Sounds like fun. I love Bingo.
I tried to email you through your link and it's now working. Can
you send me a card at my email address:
Thanks, Barb

Nancy said...

Hey Barb... made a card already!!

If that doesn't work, head to my blog at

Jen said...

Barb I'm hoping your going to read this, I have tried to use your e-mail link several times with no luck. I was hoping to be able to play this roound of bingo

Jennifer Hensley


Bingo Lady said...

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Sudipta Das said...

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