Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Round 3, Day 2

You ladies are good about sending in your cards for extra numbers. Some are more prolific than others, some didn't know they actually made a card using certain colours, and some are just determined to win. However it is that they are submitted doesn't matter, as long as you get them in. I love seeing all the cards so thank you so much for making this Bingo fun for me, too! Are you ready to mark your cards. Okay, here we go:

N35 Regular number
B15 Courtesy of Alex
N34 Courtest of Nancy
O64 Courtesy of Donna
I30 Courtesy of Alex

I made a couple of cards last night that I will post later today because I haven't photographed them yet. And I'm posting them because these Bingo posts are boring without pictures! LOL! I have to pretty up my blog.


Donna said...

Ok Barb... I have only gotten one number so far this round.. so I had to make another pair err pear card!

Have a great day!

Alexandra said...

Hi Barb - can I make a suggestion that we discard the N numbers that come up - there are no Ns in the X so it would give us more numbers to play with. Love this game - thanks for doing this! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex P.S. I have some more cards I am posting later - will let you know *smile*

Shannon McGann said...

Hi Barb, I found two cards I had done that use In Color colors, so I'll submit those for tomorrow's numbers!


Rhiannon said...

Here's another card for the Color Challenge :) with a little Cool Caribbean thrown in...hope you enjoy!

elizebeth said...

Here's a card using the pink, brown green combo. Although the pink is more shocking pink and the green you have to look for.....but it's there I SWEAR! =)

Elizebeth said...

And here is yet another brown, pink and green card!