Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Round 1,Day 2

There have been four (4) cards submitted since yesterday's post, so today I will call five (5) numbers; one regular and one for each card submitted based on a sketch.

I've been asked if you need to use a specific sketch and the answer is NO, you may choose whatever sketch you wish from the available sketches. For example, there are now two sketches, Sketch 1 and Sketch 2. Please feel free to use either one.

I29 - Regular number
N43 - (courtesy of Christine)
B5 - (courtesy of Jodene)
B15 - (courtesy of Rhi)
B1 - (courtesy of Elizabeth)

Here's another card I made, based on Sketch 2, which is a personal favourite of mine. Just so we're clear, any card I post is not eligible for an extra number.

Remember, Round 1 is for five (5) numbers in a line, either up, down, across or diagonal. If that's YOU, post a comment immediately calling BINGO. (Pattyjo, play nice, please. LOL!) Good Luck everyone.


Tami said...

Great card! With all those B numbers today, somebody has to have it already. Fun game:)

Kathy W said...

Thanks, ladies, for giving us more numbers today. Here is my card for the first sketch:


Alexandra said...

Thanks to all who are giving us more numbers each day - I promise when I get back from my trip that I will be making them too *wink* Good luck to everyone - this is really fun! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Thanh said...

Oh wow Barb! How kind to donate your time to such a fun game. Im going to sit out because Im so busy. But I am going to love seeing all the fun you guys have!

Shannon McGann said...

I'll get busy on a card tonight hopefully! Thanks to those who gave us the extra numbers! Is anyone close to winning?