Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The Bingo numbers for Wednesday, August 8th appear below this post. I don't know why, but I'm trying to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience, ladies. Please scroll down for the post headed "Round 1, Day 2"

It has recently come to my attention that I FORGOT to put the "Free Space" in the middle of the bingo cards!!! Please accept my apologies and, for this round only, everybody please mark the middle space with an X right now! It has become a wild space and, no matter what your number is, mark it off. I have a copy of everyone's unique bingo card and have already done that.

As soon as this round is complete and we have a winner. I will send out new bingo cards to everyone, with the Free Space marked as such. No other numbers will change, just that one. I can't believe I made such a huge error. Someone suggested I could leave it as it is and just make ya' all work harder, but I would always know I made a mistake. Please accept my apologies, but I will make it right in Round 2.

As an added bonus, here is Sketch 2. If you found the first sketch a big challenge, this one may be easier for you.

You can click on the pics for a larger view, if you like.

So, does everybody forgive me?


Pattyjo said...

As a Grandma also...I understand and your forgiven by me. LOL!

Oh also, instead of rholschen...etc. You can put me down as Pattyjo.

Kathy W said...

I didn't even notice! Tells you the last time I played bingo! Have a good day and thanks for the new sketch and letting us know about the cards.

Shannon McGann said...

I hadn't noticed either, so I guess I can forgive you! Thanks for the new sketch - it looks much easier!

Rhiannon said...

no worries barb! looking forward to submitting something for the new sketch :)

Kim said...

WOW Barb- what a cute card! Love the LO!


Elizebeth said...

Here's my card:

Rhiannon said...

Here is my submission for this sketch.

Allison said...

Here's one I did: http://stampinwhenican.blogspot.com/2007/08/just-call-me-julie.html

You can ignore the rant...ha!

Donna said...

Barb here's on for the sketch also


Donna said...

oops one... see can't spell at night ;-)

wanda box said...

enjoying the game here is my entry using the first sketch


Heather Grow said...

Better late than never, right? Here's my card using the second sketch: