Friday, August 24, 2007

Today's Bingo Numbers

Good Morning, ladies. Did everyone see the post below with the bear in my yard? I've heard about bears in the area, but this is the first one that I've seen so 'up close and personal' like. There's nothing to be done 'cause this is pretty much their natural habitat with all the forest areas around. Northern Ontario has a huge bear population, but the government (not sure if Federal or Provincial) does not allow bear hunting, therefore the population continues to grow, their food sources then have to stretch to feed a growing population and that brings the bears closer to residential areas looking for food. It is a problem, but I don't know the answer. Anyway, on to more fun things, like Bingo!

O71 Today's number
B8 Courtesy of Alex
O73 Courtesy of Christine
G54 Courtesy of Christine
O67 Courtest of Christine
O72 Courtesy of Shannon

Okay, that's todays numbers. Anybody getting close? I think I'll do some crafting to take my mind off the bears. See you tomorrow, or maybe later today with a card post.


Tami said...

Wowza that's a big bear! We have them here, too. Never had a real problem except you have to mind the trash. They learn where it is quickly if you don't keep it locked up here.

I got another bingo number. I think that's 3 now that are in the X for me. Yipee!

The Williams Family said...

Nice photos of the bear. Scary that is was so close.
I only need a few more numbers.
I have another card to submit.

Katie said...

I need four more Barb...that's it!! And I need to get more cards done too!!

wanda box said...

barb i need only two numbers now I have to wait until monday, and I will probaly not be able to check until late. Good luck everyone

Elizebeth said...

woooooo hoooo! I got 2 numbers! Although Im still 6 shy of a bingo.....but Im having fun! Thanks for all the hard bingo work Barb!
And dont leave any picnic baskets out for the bears.

Alexandra said...

Okay, I only have one number so you guys better watch out because I am catchin' ya - LOL! This is too fun - I guess I better make some more cards so we can have lots of numbers for Monday! I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekends!


Shannon McGann said...

Hi Barb,
Here's another card for the In Color challenge. I'm not even close to Bingo in this round! Oh well, it's somebody else's turn to win anyway. :)

Kathy W said...

Good heavens, how scary! Great pictures, but that bear is too close! I would worry about my cat being out. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing the pictures.

Elizebeth said...

Here is a card using the in-color...soft sky! It's used as the sky....sponged on, so yeah it's very soft!

Elizebeth said...

And here is a second card using soft sky in a much more noticeable way.