Monday, August 27, 2007

Good Monday Morning!

It's been a fairly busy weekend just past and not a lot of card creating for me. However, that does not apply to all these great Bingo players. Today we will have a total of eight numbers to get the week started. So, without further adieu, let's play Bingo!

B1 Today's Number
O62 Courtesy of Shannon
I23 Courtesy of Shannon I put this card in because of 2 reasons: I miscounted the quantity of numbers for today and promised 8, so I'll deliver 8; and, this card qualifies because it used In-colours! See, when I goof up, I admit it and you all win an extra number. Besides, I think all help will be greatfully excepted, right?)
B4 Courtesy of Christine
G48 Courtesy of Christine
G56 Courtesy of Elizebeth
O68 Courtesy of Elizebeth
N37 Courtesy of Christine

Good Luck to all.

If you check out Elizebeth's blog, you will see some great pictures of a very neatly organized craft space. I feel inspired to clean my room now, although it will never look as good as Elizebeth's. Right now, I'm crowded into a corner of the guest bedroom. DH and I think I should move out to the dining room because we don't have meals there very often. We usually eat in the area off the kitchen, or in front of the TV. With no children about, we can do this, eat in front of the TV! So, I may decide to move it all into the dining room. I'm still thinking about it because thinking does not necessarily translate into the hard work of moving.


Tami said...

Good luck bingo friends. Great cards everyone. I think more craft space is always a great idea, Barb.

Alexandra said...

More craft space??? Take it and run girl - LOL! I got one bingo number today - not doing too well this round but having a blast!!

Check out my blog - I have BLOG CANDY!!! :-)


NormaJ said...

I hope your day was as delightful as it sounded. Happy Birthday to you. And thank you for trying to find out what that tree is. It is absolutely gorgeous when in full bloom.
Maybe some of your readers might know what it is. Check out the picture on my blog. Thanks again,Barb.

Elizebeth said...

One more number down......only 5 to go! LOL

What a fun game! Thanks for hosting and I hope you had a lovely birthday!

This made me smile:

"With no children about, we can do this, eat in front of the TV!"

Shannon McGann said...

Hi Barb, My paper arrived today, and it's so pretty! Thank you so much for the wonderful prize and the beautiful card you sent with it. Thank you again for hosting this bingo game - I'm having so much fun getting to know some new people in blogland! *hugs*

The Williams Family said...

Here is another one for Bingo. Just can't let us go without more than one number a day. hehehe

Allison said...

I did a card (finally!)...