Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to my daughter, Kirsten

My lovely daughter, Kirsten, came into this world 35 years ago today. I know she won't mind me saying her age, because she announced my age to all my office co-workers several years ago, when I was 49 years old. As Kirsten will come to realize, children love to say things like that and she has all of that to look forward to because she is a wonderful Mom to Owen, 18 months, and is also expecting her second child in May. Happy Birthday, Kirsten. I hope your day is splendiferous!

OMG...this post is going to have tons of numbers for BINGO today. Thanks to everyone who submitted their cards for extra numbers. Let's get right to it, shall we?

I29 - Daily
B12 - Giraffe Valentine
I26 - Owl ATC turned into card
I23 - Heart card for sister's wedding
I21 - Bra card
G50 - Norma
G56 - Teresa
N38 - Chris
O67 - Chris
N35 - Alex
B 5 - Shannon T.
G46 - Cathy
B 7 - Cathy
N41 - Cathy
O65 - Norma
I18 - Melissas (2)
G49 - Melissas
N42 - Norma
N36 - Norma (see 2 pics below)
O61 - Christine (4)
G51 - Christine
I16 - Christine
N32 - Christine
B 9 - Shannon T.
O75 - Alex
B 6 - Alex
N31- Shannon T.
N45 - Wanda

Norma's pics that were not on her blog:


Tracy.H said...

What a bunch of great cards! Thanks for the numbers ladies. Okay here is another one from me.

mudmaven said...

Wonderful cards Barb! My twin grandchildren - Julian and Isabella - turned two on the 31st. Wonderful age for the grandparents, maybe a tad stressful for their parents. Here's a couple of cards for tomorrow:
Thanks for everything! ~chris
p.s. BLOG CANDY on my blog tonight!

NormaJ said...

Thank you Barb for posting my pictures on your blog. I got caught up in so much that night that I took the easy way out.
Wow - lots of numbers tonight but
I still have a ways to go.
My No. 1 granddaughter is eight next month and all of a sudden she is looking like a young girl rather than a baby. Oooo it is moving too fast for me. But they are still 2 snugglies, so that's ok.

Sarah said...

Lots of numbers. Nice looking cards everyone.

Aunt T said...

Lots of numbers here too :) I love all of the cards.


Cathy said...

Great looking cards, and wow lots of numbers wow l got 9 marked off today and only need 7 more numbers.
l have posted 3 more cards for tomorrow the gallery..
Say Happy Birthday to Kirsten for me, l sure wish l was 35 again LOL.
God Bless have a great day.. Hugs

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! And congrats on the coming little one!

Alexandra said...

Happy birthday to your daughte Barb - oooh, and a new grandbaby to spoil!!! LOTS of numbers today - great cards ladies, we made lots of headway! I have six to to make some more! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Shannon said...

I'm getting really close will have to make sure that I check early tomorrow so I don't miss out!

I have two things posted today for numbers.

Hanna book

Domestic Goddess

Both were made last night.

Shannon McGann said...

Wow! That's a lot of numbers! Thanks everyone for making all the cards.
I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday, Barb.

Here's a card for tomorrow:

Melissas said...

What a great set of numbers! Here are two more for tomorrow's draw - I'm almost there :)

Shannon McGann said...

I have two more for you, Barb:

wanda box said...

wow we have some awesome stampers with this round. Here is a card for tuesday's numbers