Thursday, February 28, 2008

Barb's knees #16

My last post as substitute GrammaStamper; where do I begin?

I suppose I should tell you a bit about GrammaStamper and me. She, of course, spends much of her day making cards, provided ‘Coronation Street’ isn’t on. I have left the craft room pretty much as she had it prior to her surgery. She likes it that way and I’m really not allowed in there anyway. Of course I cleaned it while she was away; that goes without saying. As usual, every week I wash the floor, dust the chandelier, and keep the pillows properly ‘fluffed’. Her craft room is shown, left.

I have my desk in area in the back of the house. It’s a wee bit smaller than hers but I don’t mind. I get enough light as there is a window right beside me. (Actually the word ‘window’ may be incorrect as there is no glass there, just a hole in the wall which I board up when it rains.) At night, sometimes she gives me a candle so I can continue working even after the sun goes down. I usually wear my ‘hoodie’ as it can get chilly in there. We have considered heating it but I’m told it would interfere with her purchasing stamping supplies. Besides, you can’t really tell by the picture, but Hank is sleeping in my coat and he helps me to keep warm.

You may note by the picture that I do not have my own computer, just the quill you see. Doing these posts is fabulous as I have been using her computer to post all these messages, and her room is heated. (And I know Hank’s been in here as there are toasted mouse-parts on the floor. I assume he had a party or something. Of course, I’ll clean it up before Barb returns.) Eventually we might get another computer but I’m told, again, it would restrict stamping purchases so I don’t mention it anymore. The same goes for socks and shoes, which is why I like the full height of my desk.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow when Barb returns. I’m not positive if she’ll post an entry in this blog right away but I’m sure she’ll make herself known. She hasn’t had the use of her computer for over two weeks and I’m sure she’s suffering ‘withdrawal’. And besides, I might be allowed to have one of those Golden Chips I got for her, assuming some fall on the floor.

Well, that’s it for me. The next entry here will be GrammaStamper’s. I really loved the opportunity to do this and love the way you all have supported her.

You deserve a round of applause.

My warmest regards to you all.

- GrampaStamper


Denise... said... deserve a standing ovation. Thanks so much for the updates and the amazing humor and great writing. It is much appreciated!

All Pink girl said...

Fabulous Humor ,its so great to know you are doing well ,take care ,Dawnxx

Tracy.H said...

Thanks for all the updates and enjoy having her home tomorrow!! :0)

pescbrico said...

Thank you so much for the daily update! Have a great day.

Tami Bayer said...

I'm so glad you dust the chandelier for her. One has to keep up appearances even when a bit under the weather. Please don't forget the mint on her pillow tomorrow night. I've so enjoyed visiting with you grampastamper.

Jennifer said...

I know I cannot abide dusty chandeliers and unfluffed pillows. You are so good to keep the palace as her royal highness left it.

You are a dearheart for all of the fun you've provided us. Thank you SO MUCH for you fun, entertaining, informative and educational updates. Barb's a lucky gal to have you. Of course it goes without saying that YOU are a lucky guy to have her!

Big hugs to you, Hank and especially Barb. I'm so glad she'll be home in your arms SOON!

Only one more sleep!

Jennifer :)

mudmaven said...

What would we all have done without you and Hank these Barb-less days. Thank you so much for keeping us all informed about how she's doing, we really appreciate it. Thanks ~chris

NormaJ said...

You are leaving us in good fun and
a good giggle. Thank you Grampastamper. I have enjoyed your
jokial banter these past days.
Never the less, I am sure you are
looking forward to having the Queen in residence again.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Chandlier and all...can I hire you? Thanks so much for the wonderful did a great job. Can't wait to hear from Barb. Thanks for all of your hard work keeping us in touch. Terry/scrappinnuts

shuggy said...

thanks for all the updates!!!

Lesa said...

Well, Grandpastamper - it has been a wonderfully fun 2 weeks of your humor and keeping us updated. You will be missed and should be proud of the fantastic job you did. We will definately let Barb know how well you did and am sure she will share some of the golden chips as a reward! Todays the day! Good luck to you all including Hank. xoxo

Cathy said...

Thank You so much John it really was nice to get to know you and for the up dates on Barb..l have tears of joy for you both..Wow the big day is here..can't wait to here from Barb..You are both so lucky and blessed to have each other, and we are blessed having you in our lives..Hugs to both of you..

Alexandra said...

You crack me up!!! I am so very glad Barb is coming home today but it has been wonderful that you have kept us all informed, using fabulous humor to do so! You guys must have a wonderful time together - *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

flipflops4sherri said...

Thank you for all the updates. It was all great and you are such fun. I hope one day I get to meet you in person GrandpaStamper as I can tell by your posts that you and I would have alot of good laughs!! Glad to see Barb posting again but we will miss your posts. Maybe you should start on your own blog? :)