Friday, February 22, 2008

Barb's knees #10

Well, baseball has the seventh inning stretch and football has the half-time show so I decided it’s time to have a little something different. I’m putting the “fun” back in “substitute”. (Actually, in English that doesn’t work so well but in Cat, it goes something like ‘putting the “me” back in “meowwowyowl”, which is, of course, very clever and all the cats out there will be smiling approvals.)

Obviously, the big light-show and loud music of the Superbowl cannot be reproduced here; somewhat smaller budget you know. So, in lieu of budgetary restraints, I’ll tell some of my favourite jokes.

These jokes were passed down over generations and legend has it, were first told by the temple cats of ancient Egypt. Nonetheless, they stand the test of time …

A doggie is walking down by the river when he sees another doggie on the opposite shore. “Hey” he barks, “How do I get to the other side?” The other doggie looks around, puzzled, and then barks back “You ARE on the other side!”

Ahahhahahahhahahahaha …. I love doggie jokes!

Q: What do you call a doggie with an IQ of 23?
A: “Einstein”

Ahahahahahahhahhahahhahahhahha ….. get it?! Einstein! Ahahhahahhahahhaa

There was a doggie, a cat and a budgie taking a plane ride when the engines flamed out. The plane lost control and everyone realized this could not end well. The doggie, sensing a crash was imminent, and preferring to take his chances, jumped out the door, but without a parachute, plummeted to his death. The budgie also jumped out the door, but since he had not been clipped since his last moulting, flew gently down to a tree whereupon he knelt and gave thanks for his miraculous escape. The cat, looked around, assessed the situation, repaired the engines, flew the airplane to a nearby field, and landed safely … then ate the budgie.

Ahahhahhahahhahahahhahahhah … he ATE the budgie! Ahahahahhahahhaha

Well, that was good. There’s nothing wrong or anything weird going on with Little HM … this was just the intermission.

Back to substitute blogger tomorrow. – Hank aka “Shecky”


Jennifer said...

With great jokes like these, little HM is bound to have a more chipper day today than yesterday.

Hank, you are a laugh riot!

Purrs to you from your feline pals, Tango, Merlin and Renoir.

Jennifer and the hound dogs sent their sloppy good sentiments too.

Tami Bayer said...

Such a talented crowd at grammastampers house, even when she isn't there. The card is amazing. I hope everyone there has a better weekend. Oh, and Hank, my dogs were not amused by your jokes. The doxie thinks she is 1/2 cat, but I thought they were hilarious.

Alexandra said...

Uggghhhh.....Okay, I did chuckle a little bit - LOL! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex