Saturday, February 16, 2008

Barb's knees #4

Life here is getting boring. With Little HM gone and Big HM going out for hours on end, there’s no one here to turn on the taps to give me running water. (Yes, I know Big HM gives me clean fresh water every day but it’s not running.) And playtime … well, I could go on but you get the picture! I may report the two of them to Cat Fancier’s …

Yes, Big HM went out visiting his mate. He came back and told me she’s doing great. She has good colour (although his idea of “good colour” is one-tone whereas I feel that a minimum of two colours makes you cool.) He said she’s using her continuous passive motion machine for 3 hours each leg at 90° and she will be doing 120° tomorrow. She’s also is no longer taking special pain pills. And all this after only 3 days! She definitely must have a feline constitution.

She’s read all your emails and is thrilled and thankful. She wishes me to send a special thanks to all of you, even the canis lupus familiaris ones.

She’ll be moving to St. Joe’s tomorrow. She will stay there for about 2 weeks and then it’s back here. I’m looking forward to seeing if she still gets all excited when I jump on her knees in bed. Seriously though, I never mean to hurt her but it will be good if she just accepts my surprises as part of my bubbly personality.

I didn’t do any cards today as I was too busy with cat-things, like sleeping, grooming, napping, eating and snoozing. In fact I never got to my siesta so I’m going right now to avoid getting behind schedule. See ‘ya tomorrow!


Jennifer said...

Hi-ya Hank! You must be exhausted with all of your grooming and sleeping duties. And you missed siesta time?! Holy are gonna be a wreck if you don't catch up.

Jennifer keeps updating her mate (that's Paul) about your reports on little HM. She is so happy with her progress but knows little HM is working very hard too. She said she bets little HM feels like she is in boot camp (whatever that is! Does little HM sleep out in boots or something? I left a furball in one of Paul's boots...but I digress.

Hang tough, Hank. You are one cool cat. Find Big HM and let him let you siesta in his lap. Oh, and my humans want me to tell you to tell him to take care of himself too. I guess they don't have faith in your abilities to take care of big HM but you know I DO!

Purrs and stretches from your buddies, Tango, Merlin and Renoir
Oh yes, and Gabe (the baby canine) was in his first dog show today. Yada, yada, yada. Jen says she'll tell little HM all about it. (Big hairy deal, I say!)

Kathy W said...

So glad to hear Barb doesn't need the pain medication; that's a big step! My kitty (Sneaker)...actually, he's not a kitten, just an active 14 yr. old black and white...gets lonely and bored when we're not home, too. He likes me in the craft room so he can curl up in the magazine basket and take a nap while I make cards. Thinking of you, Barb!

flipflops4sherri said...

Sounds like Barb is doing really great and doing what she is supposed to. That will only make her get better faster!! Tell her I said hello from NC and if I was there with her in the hospital, we could giggle the nights away :). Sherri

Trapedinga said...

Hey Hank, Nip here, I know what you mean about missing a siesta. Have to have one every couple of hours. My human asked if you would let little HM know she's thinking about her and so glad she's doing so well. Take care of Big HM and snuggle with him, make sure he's getting a siesta every so often. He doesn't need to wear himself out.
Thanks so much for the updates.

Tami Bayer said...

So happy you are keeping us updated with all the news. Tell that big HM we miss the little HM. Happy to hear she is moving to the rehab center and is doing so well with her therapy. Send her hugs from me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, Its good to hear things are going well. Take care of yourself and hurry and get well. Hugs Glinda

Heather Grow said...

Thanks for the good news. It sounds like things are moving along pretty quickly.

Cathy said...

Thanks so much for the update. Barb, just wanted to say we are with you..We do miss you so much you would be proud of big grammpastamper he has done a great job keeping us updated..Hugs and prayer for all of you...Keep on Barb and maybe you will come home sooner..Hugs..

Soon Han said...

Also thank you verry much for the update about Barb.
I'm glad to hear everything is going to be alright and that she has no pain.
I hope she will come home soon and that she can walk miles in a couple of weeks.

Hugs Soon Han-Scrapsoon

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!! It's great to hear you are doing so well Barb!! Keep up the great work!

Stinkydog at the Shack

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hank!
So happy to hear how well little HM is doing! Real progress! Tell your Mama that she is missed and we're all cheering her on!
Here's a chinchucker for you.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lesa said...

So glad to hear Barb is moving along so greatly! Keep it up Barb! We are all cheering you on! hugs

Denise... said...

Wonderful news! Keep up the amazing work!

Anonymous said...

I sure miss Barb over at the Shack. So glad to hear she is doing well-please give her my best as I sure miss seeing her wonderful creations. Glad to hear that the CPM is doing okay with both knees-WOW 2 at one time that must be a tough go. Sounds like she is doing extremely well.
Tell her to hurry back!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see you are doing great...can't wait to see you back at the are missed so much...Keep up the good recovery work. Terry/scrappinnuts

Anonymous said...

Confession time. I am developing a crush on Grampastamper. Don't tell Barb.

Glad to hear that Barb is doing so well! She is one tough cookie -- I'm sure she'll be back at the Shack in no time! Give her our love!

Nancy directmailscrapper

Anonymous said...

Hi Hank, Oreo here in NC sending big hugs to little HM and big HM. My mom is sending you some scratches for the top of your head. I just love that and you are such a good kitty for keeping us updated on little HM's knees. She'll be back with you soon and you can create beautiful cards. Levi (a big black canine who lives here gosh I don't know what Mom was thinking) sends a couple of licks too. Levi is such an attention seeker. He can't just leave me alone.

Take care Hank, have some good snoozes. I'm on my way to a good quiet spot for a snooze myself. Oreo

Anonymous said...

hi hank..Zack & Lucky here. out lil HM , Cindi, is very happy to hear that Barb is doing well! maybe she will not be mad at us for trying to see whats on the kitchen counter..I saw her take meat out of the freezer.
don't forget to try to trick big HM into thinkinmg he is most important now..we had great fun with that while lil HM was on vacation! take care of your HM's