Thursday, January 31, 2008

BINGO - 5th and Final Round

Well, ladies, are you up for the biggest challenge of all now. To win this round you will need a full card! I'm hoping to have the game completed by February 10th because I'll be going in for surgery on February 13th and I want to have time to get the prize ordered before I go to hospital. This has been so much fun and I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the great cards, tags, or whatever projects you have made and thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation. What to add to the challenges for this round? about we just open it up and when you make a card or any other item with rubber stamping on it, share it with us. I think that will work. Now, on to today's numbers. I believe there will be 15 numbers today. Get your brand new, clean cards and your markers......we're off!

I25 - Daily
I27 - Alex
G52 - Shannon T.
B1 - Chris
G53 - Chris
B14 - Chris
I22 - Melissas
G57 - Shannon Mc. (3)
I30 - Shannon Mc.
G47 - Shannon Mc.
O68 - Cathy
N33 - Cathy
N44 - Cathy
O69 - Teresa
O70 - Heather

WOW! That's a great start to Round 5. Good Luck to all.


Aunt T said...

Wow - I had six numbers today - the most of any game yet!

Have a great day Barb.


Kim H. said...

I had 6 number today too! Yahooo! Thanks for the tag Barb!

Alexandra said...

Me too - LOL! that is too funny! Barb, here are two more for tomorrows numbers. *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Shannon said...

Hopefully, the blackout is my round.

Here is a card I made last week with SCS color challenge 149. (apricot appeal, sage shadown and rose red). I've been saving it for the Riley Moose release.

NormaJ said...

I have two cards that I stamped
yesterday which could be used for
masculine birthdays. These can be
for Friday's Bingo.
See them on my blog

Melissas said...

Here are two cards for tomorrow's draw! Thanks

Tracy.H said...

Here's one for ya...I probably missed out for Friday's numbers, but at least I am helping out!

Tracy.H said...

And another...

Tracy.H said...

And another...

Heather Grow said...

I love Bingo!

I made a valentine's cookie sheet advent calendar. I stamped a ton on it.

Kim H. said...

Here is a card I did for a challenge- hope if counts for an extra number- I need a recap of what we need to do for projects here!