Monday, January 7, 2008

Okay, here is today's BINGO numbers

Let me just say that you ladies have been busy, busy, busy! I hope you don't wear yourselves out in the early rounds because I'm sure some of you will remember how long it took to get the "H" pattern last time. So, reserve some of that cardmaking energy for the upcoming rounds. Some players submitted more than one card (which is fantastic) and, in the interest of getting this posted quickly, I will link their blog only once (the last card entered) and you all can spend some time viewing the beautiful creations.

Now, on to the numbers.

G58 - Daily
B12 - Sarah
N43 - Sarah
G60 - Shannon
N38 - Shannon
I22 - Wanda
G47 - Wanda
I25 - Wanda
O69 - Norma
O61 - Norma
B4 - Christina
I19 - Christina
O75 - Christina
B14 - Cathy

Good Luck with all these numbers. Maybe today will be the day!


Alexandra said...

Whoo Hoo! Barb, I have a Bingo - I cannot believe it! This is sooo exciting for me, I NEVER win anything! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Tracy.H said...

You just beat me Alex!I actually have 2 lines!! Congrats! :0) This round was fun...can't wait for round 2. :0)

Kathy W said...

Congrats, Alex!!

Kim H. said...

Congratulation Alex! Barb I hope that you are feeling better!

Aunt T said...

Congrats Alex.

Donna said...


Heather Grow said...

Congratulations, Alex.

Sarah said...

I left a comment earlier and it didn't take, so here it is again. Congratulations Alex!!!! Can't wait for the next round.

God bless,

Shannon McGann said...

Yay, Alex! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Alex. This fun. Ready for round 2. Hope I can get some cards posted.
JoAnn B.