Monday, January 28, 2008

So many numbers, so little time.....

Make sure your pencils are sharpened, girls, you're going to wear them down today marking your cards. I really appreciate all of the cards that come in and they're all so lovely. If there are multiple cards, I will put the number in (brackets), but only highlight the site once. Okay, here we go.

N40 - daily
O61 - Alex (2)
B8 - Alex
B14 - Alex
I29 - Christine (3)
O67 - Christine
B7 - Christine
N39 - JoAnn
O65 - Kim
I22 - Wanda
N31 - Melissas
I30 - Melissas
I16 - Alex (2)
I18 - Alex
B1 - Sarah (4)
N36 - Sarah
G50 - Sarah
I17 - Sarah
G51 - Norma
N41 - Wanda
N44 - Melissas
G49 - Cathy
O62 - Cathy
I21 - Cathy

I think this is a record......we have 24 numbers today!!! WOW! I'm going to save the cards I made for tomorrow. See you then.


Sarah said...

So close......I am making some more cards so I will get those up sometime today for tomorrow. It seems we were all busy, busy this weekend LOL.

God bless,

NormaJ said...

I'm so close too! I have filled
almost every number in the spots I
don't need! LOL

Shannon McGann said...

Wow! Someone must have a bingo! Not me yet! I'll get busy stamping this week!

Alexandra said...

Not even close, not even with all those numbers - LOL! I have another card for tomorrow Barb - here it is! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Shannon McGann said...

Hi Barb,
I tagged you on my blog - check it out!

Melissas said...

Not so lucky with today's numbers. Here's another for tomorrow :)

Sarah said...

Here is one card for Tuesday:

And then two more for Tuesday: