Thursday, January 10, 2008

Round 2, Day 3

Once again, you have been busy and submitted cards for extra numbers. Thank you so much. I didn't get a chance to create anything yesterday because I had three appointments, but today is going to be my play day. Hopefully I'll have some pics for tomorrow's post as they always brighten up the blog. For now, I'll be content calling today's numbers. Are you ready?

O68 - Daily
O73 - Wanda
B14 - Melissas
B7 - Chris
N35 - Norma
G58 - Tracy
O64 - Shannon

That's it for today. Keep those cards rollin' in because it all helps.


Cathy said...

First let me say Congratulations!!! Barb, your New Year card is so beautiful.
And wow l got my new stamps from Mary woo hoo now l can play too. LOL ..Please look l will be posting 3 cards later today. for 3 more numbers..Thanks

NormaJ said...

I have a card of the day on my
blogsite: "Napa Valley" using SU Keep Christmas stamp set.

Shannon McGann said...

Man, for all those numbers, I only had one of them! Is anyone close?

Here's another card for another number:

Melissas said...

Hi! Here's another Bella card for the draw tomorrow. I'll be busy this weekend making more for the next week!

Shannon said...

I am happy to say I stamped tonight - making 3 cards that will all work however, I'm only giving you one for tonight. I have to hold on to one until Monday as its my Mom's bday card and she reads my blog daily.

Here is one with a bella stamp!

wanda box said...

here is my SU card for todays bingo numbers. I have a long way to go on my game card so I better get busy and stamp away. have a nice day.