Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Round 2, Day 2

Good Morning all, we have had plenty of submissions for today so I will be calling seven numbers. Just a reminder that we have ADDED Stamping Bella images, which means cards made with SU images are just fine, too!

N33 - Daily Number
I17 - Alex
O63 - Alex
G50 - Shannon
I21 - Tracy
N42 - Wanda
G54 - Wanda

Okay, go mark your cards now and we'll see who's getting close! I'm going to try to make a Bella card today, but I've got a couple of appointments to attend, but I will if time permits.

In the meantime, here's a picture of all my stamps. After I moved into the dining room area last week, I realized that I hadn't brought my stamps out yet. They were all in dresser drawers which meant that I had to find a new storage solution. I went to Staples and bought these stackable cases for about $8.00 each. They work beautifully and will be part of a new storage system when we move. I can just keep adding to them, both upwards and sidways. The benefit of these cases, in my opinion, is that they are small enough that I can pick them up individually. Currently they are stored in an entertainment centre which once housed our TV, but since we bought a new TV that doesnt' fit into this unit, we're giving it to my brother when we move in the Spring/Summer. In the meantime, I've found a use for it, much to my DH's chagrin!

As you can see, I have plenty of SU sets, tons of Bellas, PTI sets, Gina K. Designs sets, High Hopes and a plethora of other companies, as well. And, if you look closely at the SU case, you will see some CTMH sets stashed in there as well.

There you have it, the evidence of my obsession. DH is still passed out on the floor after doing a mental tally of my investment in this "hobby"! See you tomorrow.


mudmaven said...

Cool - SU images still okay. My Bellas will be here in the next week or so and I'll submit them then! For now, here's the card I posted last night:
Thanks Barb - this is so fun! ~chris

Alexandra said...

Love the new storage for your stamps Barb. I have some of these as well and they are so awesome for storage. CTMH and SU! in the SAME storage - EEEKKKK!!! Just kidding :-) CYA when I get back from Leadership - I should have my gift certificate by then and I have already been over to the Jessica Lynn site and picked out my goodies - you enable you :-)!!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Cathy said...

Hi Barb, l love your new storage system. and the idea that you can pick them up individually,is so cool. You can't beat this price of $8.00... l love this idea. l think this would work great for me too.
l do love your blog..and Thanks for heading up the bingo. l have enjoyed playing it.
l'll try to get some cards done tomorrow.

NormaJ said...

Great idea for your stamps Barb.
I'm still sorting out my system
as to what works. My problem is I have scads of SU wood stamps and do
they take up storage. I thought of
filing them as per subject matter until I started doing onlines. Everyone wants to know what set I
use and then there is a problem.
Umm-m-m-m, I dunno. It's in my animal box!! So back to the drawing board.
My link for my card is:

Tracy.H said...

WOW! That's a lot of stamps Barb! I am drooling right now. ;0)

Here is my card for today...

Shannon McGann said...

You certainly do have a lot of stamps! I hope your DH recovers soon! What a great idea for storing them.

Here's another card for tomorrow's numbers:

Melissas said...

Nice organization cubes! Finally, I had time to make a card to fast forward the number calling! Hope to have another tomorrow. Thanks for the fun :)

wanda box said...

Hi Barb, I wish my stamps were as organized as yours. I have enjoyed your site seeing your new stamping area. here is a journal I stamped for Bingo