Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm Home Now!

I jus got back last night from my visit with my family in Guelph (near Toronto). Here's a picture of Jack on his birthday, eating his cake! I thought I would post this because I don't have any cards to show you. I've been busy unpacking, doing laundry, getting in groceries, catching up on the news with DH who stayed home and trying to read all of the blog postings I've missed over the past nine days from some of my favourinte bloggers. I've promised myself that tomorrow morning, while DH sleeps, I'm going into my stamp room and not coming out until I've got some cards to post here. After all, I've got to use my new 'in colour' cardstock I now own. YIIPPEE!

Thanks for hanging in and tomorrow should see some cards, and a Monday Makeover on, what else, Monday!


Suzi said...

What a CUTIE: I love the icing IN the EAR!!! I miss my kids being babies. Time for grandkids (ok, my kids are only 12 & 10, it might be awhile!)

Jennifer said...

Barb, Jackson is ADORABLE! I just want to squeeze him! :)

Looking forward to seeing your cards. So happy you are back! You've been missed.