Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is painfully slow!

Blogger's website is driving me mad with its slowness today. I've been trying to get this entry done for the past 1.5 hours. Anyhoo, here are today's numbers. BTW, Tami made 10 ATC's, but I only gave out four numbers, so today I will give out six more numbers for those ATC's. Thanks, Tami, for bringing that to my attention.

B9 Today's number
N34 Courtesy of Tami
G49 Courtesy of Tami
I17 Courtesy of Tami
O62 Courtesy of Tami
B6 Courtesy of Tami
G53 Courtesy of Tami
I23 Courtesy of Elizebeth

I'll see you all again tomorrow and hope Blogger is back to normal by then. The rest of my day will be spent in my craft room having fun.


Tami said...

woohoo! This card is filling up fast :) Thanks for crediting the extra numbers today. I'm loving bingo.

Elizebeth said...

Lots and lots of numbers! I hope you have fun crafting and your blogger is back to normal when your done!

Nancy said...

Hey Barb... just working on a post on my blog with In Color colours (or colour).

Elizebeth said...

I got a card done with the new sketch challenge on SCS

wanda box said...

yea!! today I had 5 out of 8 numbers I'm on a roll now I only wish I had time to stamp

Elizebeth said...

Here's another card for the sketch challenge!

Angel said...

I have seven challenge items in my blog :o)

Know what you mean about it being slow!!! UGH!!!