Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Are you ready to play Bingo? Okay, let's go. Alex posted on Friday that she has only one number left to get a Bingo. Will today be the day? The excitment builds......

N36 Today's number
B13 Courtesy of Elizebeth
O71 Courtesy of Donna
G55 Courtesy of Wanda
O69 Courtesy of Elizebeth
G59 My card for Beate's WSC19 (see previous posts)
N33 My card for The Stamp Shack Card Sketch One
O65 My card for The Dirty Lost & Found Challenge

I believe this game is heating up and we are getting close to a winner! Who will reach the finish line first? Oh, I'm excited!


Alexandra said...

Dang it, none of those are what I need - LOL! AND, I am leaving first thing tomorrow on a plane to CA so I will not get to check my numbers either...*STAMPN HUGS* Alex

Elizebeth said...

Bwa ha ha! Only 4 more ladies......

Heather Grow said...

I made another card with Kerry's sketch.

I need all the numbers I can get now.

Shannon McGann said...

Oh, so close Alex! Too bad! I'm sure Barb will keep track for you and let you know! I think I'm three away now! (Too bad I already won one!)