Monday, September 24, 2007

Fifth and Final Round of Bingo

Ladies, this is our last game of Bingo and you will need a full card, or a blackout, as I also heard it described, to win this fabulous prize.

Truly, you ladies have been busy creating cards for all sorts of challenges. Is it possible that someone gets a full card right off the bat?

The Basic Grey paper pad was a specially created paper pack just for Archivers for the Scrapfest. For some reason, I ended up with two and decided to share with you ladies. So, I do believe we are going to start this round with 26 numbers. YIPPEE SKIPPY!

Are you ready? Let's play BINGO.

N40 Today's number
I16 Courtesy of Me - WT132
O75 Courtesy of Me - CTheme1
G48 Courtesy of Me - WSC20
B10 Courtesy of Rhi
I25 Courtesy of Rhi
I24 Courtesy of Rhi
O66 Courtesy of Christina
N45 Courtesy of Christina
O71 Courtesy of Christina
G59 Courtesy of Christina
G57 Courtesy of Christina
O68 Courtesy of Christina
O74 Courtesy of Nancy
N41 Courtesy of Jodene
N35 Courtesy of Jodene
G55 Courtesy of Jodene
G46 Courtesy of Jodene
B14 Courtesy of Jodene
B7 Courtesy of Elizebeth
N32 Courtesy of Elizebeth
N33 Courtesy of Tami
G58 Courtesy of Tami
I26 Courtesy of Tami
N44 Courtesy of Wanda

and, our last number for today, and she couldn't even wait to put it on her blog, but sent a different link! Now that's dedication to the "nnthhh" degree. The directions will be on her blog later today. It's a beauty!

B1 Courtesy of Rhi

All in all, not a bad start to Round 5! Thanks to everyone who sent me their links. You are amazing.


Tami said...

Yowza that's alot of numbers today! What a gorgeous prize package, too. This has been so much fun, Barb.

Shannon McGann said...

OMGoodness! That's a lot of numbers. I'd better get busy and make some cards too - I feel guilty! Thanks to everyone who got us the extra numbers!

Pattyjo said...

Bingo...Hehe...just trying it out again, that was so awesome to actually say it for real! When this bingo game ends, will you be signing us all up to do it again? By the way...I want that cute, cute Grandbaby of yours! Could he be the Bingo Grand prize?

Tami said...

Barb, I made a set of 10 ATC's in the colors of pink, green, and brown. I think that was your color challenge a while back. If they count, here is the link:

Heather Grow said...

You ladies are awesome. I just made one card for yesterday's SCS Featured Stamper CASE.

Emily said...

Hey Barb! Haven't seen you in soooo long. I hope you are well.

Miss you muchly!

Angel said...

I have some stuff on my blog and all were for challenges...

Thanks for doing this!!! Has been really fun!!!

shuggy said...

look at all those great cards!!!

play online bingo game said...

great bingo cards!!