Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Round 4 Kick-off!

There's lotsa numbers to start this round off, ladies. We may even have a winner today! Only 12 numbers are needed to make an H, and we are offering up 16 numbers at last count.

I23 Today's number
G58 Courtesy of Kathy

O63 Two cards courtesy of Christina

O68 All five cards courtesy of Shannon

I26 Courtesy of Elizebeth
I25 Courtesy of Elizebeth

O67 Courtesy of Shannon
N41 Courtesy of Wanda
N42 Courtesy of Alex
B3 Courtesy of Alex
N39 Courtesy of Elizebeth

Just to refresh your minds about all the different ways to get extra numbers for Bingo, here are the sketchs you can use:

As well as these sketches, you can make cards using any design using the SU 2007 In-Colours and any cards using food images. Or, you can make any combination thereof. I'd like to remind you all that these sketches were created by Kerry Urbach and you can check out her blog here. Thanks, Kerry, for letting me use your great sketches.


shuggy said...

holy numbers, batman!! thanks for all the extras. not that it helped much!!!

Tami said...

Great job on all the numbers today. I have 4 that are helpful for the design. I'm starving for creative time....will try to contribute to more numbers.

Nancy said...

Hey Barb... I have two cards on my blog that use new In Color colours... August 25th and 28th


Heather Grow said...

I'm so excited about this round. I made another card with Kerry's sketch.


Donna said...

WOW... woozers! What a lot of numbers ladies.. now only if you had only given the 12 I needed LOL!

Pattyjo said...


just me trying to keep in practice.

You never know when it will come in handy sometime. LOL

Rhiannon said...

Hello Barb! sorry to be MIA...I made this card today, and thought it might swing for the "food" category :) Pumpkin is a food, right? Thanks for all the numbers...hope to get a couple of in color cards done soon (I finally get my CS tomorrow!). Take care :)