Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My review on a couple of UHU products

As promised, in return for some free samples of UHU products, as seen on Maria Filosa's UHU Project Blog, here is my review. I have been using the UHU Glue Roller and the UHU Creativ Scrapbookers Pen exclusively for the past week or so.
I'll discuss the Glue Roller first. This product has been used mostly on cards. I just love the ease with which it rolls, unlike some of the other adhesive rollers I've used. I can actually get it right up to the corner, it can be dragged in a curved or circular motion, it's got plenty of "sticky" to it and is not bulky. It can also be used on vellum thereby negating the need to switch back and forth between types of adhesive. It is a really great product and I would definitely purchase it for my craftroom "must have on hand" supplies.

Now to the Creativ Scrapbookers Pen. This is unique, I think. It has lots of liquid glue coming out and it truly does NOT make the paper bubble or warp. If you look at the little envelope in the picture, it was stuck together with this product and it's as smooth as a baby's bottom, for lack of a better description. No puckering anywhere, plus the paper is a vellum-type paper and it doesn't show through at all! It was also used to hold down the little pearls and gold beads on the card in the picture. It's easy to apply, goes where I want it to go, dries quickly and has great sticking power. I also used it to glue down the paper on the covers of the little accordian album I made and it was used to stick the ribbon on that album as well. So, not only is it good on paper, but will adhere fabric as well! Not too many glues do that! Am I right, ladies? Also, I have used this when adhering Cuttlebug embossed papers to cardstock. I like it because it flows into the little crannies created when embossing, so once it is placed onto the card face, it stays there because the glue makes great contact with the cardstock.

All in all, I think these two products by UHU will become "staples" in my craftroom, so I hope I will be able to find them easily. Thank you to Maria Filosa for sharing this project on her blog and thanks to UHU for designing a product that really works!

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