Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Dance Card is Full!

And no wonder! This is for a swap called Merry Go Round over at The Stamp Shack. You send six images, all the same, to the hostess. When she has them all from all the participants, everyone gets 6 different images back. Then you have to make your cards with those images.

This is one of the images I received and it just makes me think of a kinder, gentler time, when women were to be adornments on the arms of men. I can just imagine this young woman being presented to The Queen for her 18th birthday. Not only is she presented to The Queen, but all the rich, eligible batchelors of the day, in hopes that she would make a good marriage and bring a huge dowry to said batchelor. About the only thing I like about the above scenario is my card. I'm so glad that we live in a society where women are not put on display for someone's choosing so that she may live a comfortable life. We can make our own comfortable life, thank you very much! Educating our female children is the greatest thing we can do for them. I am very pleased that we live in a country where education is free to all, up to secondary school level, at any rate. And university is costly, but is an investment in their own future. Women are now welcomed into every walk of like and that is just how it should be. WOW! I didn't realize one simple image made into a card could cause such thoughts to be rolling around in my mind. But, there you go and, because this is my blog, I can write it down.

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Thanh said...

Well said Barb! I like the softness of this card a lot!