Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I found this article while perusing the CHFI website. CHFI is a Toronto radio station, and this was discussed on The Morning Show with Erin Davis and Mike Cooper.

People are usually judged by how they dress. But how about how they undress? "How a person takes off his or her clothes and what they do with those clothes can reveal quite a bit about one's personality," Dr. Jane Greer, a New York psychotherapist and author of "How Can You Do This To Me?" "These six styles of shedding your clothes can help you get to know yourself better."

The Tosser -- If you throw your clothes all over the place, you're friendly, the life of the party type. Although others may think you're a slob, you're really a happy individual who doesn't care what others think.

The Neatnik -- If you remove each piece of clothing and put it away immediately, you may believe that the best way of solving life's problem is to prevent them in the first place. You're dependable, sometimes intense, and you know how to pay attention.

The Dabbler -- If you take off your pants and get around to taking off your skirt 10 minutes later, you are a deep thinker who ponders the meaning of life. You don't like being rushed. Having free time is most important.

The Sprinter -- If you shed your clothing as quickly as possible, you're a busy person who often feels stressed. However, you may also be a passionate person who wants to change quickly in order to have fun.

The Jeweller -- If you take off your jewellery before anything else, you're a warm and sensitive person. You are considerate and romantic, thoughtful and a good friend.

The Adventurer -- If you don't have an undressing routine, or you never do it the same way twice, bravo. You enjoy a broad range of activities and take risks. You're a sociable, fun-loving individual.

Me, well, I have tendencies of three of the groups listed. I'm part Tosser, part Jeweller with an occasional Dabbler thrown in for good measure. I always take off my wedding/engagement rings first. I learned early on in my marriage that I move my arms sometimes wildly in my sleep, according to DH that is, and one night I almost took out his good eye with the sharp point of the diamond on my engagement ring. After that, he requested I remove my rings before climbing into bed. I always remove any other jewellery I may be wearing first, before taking off the rest of my clothes. It only makes sense because who wants to lose an earring or get snagged on a necklace, right? Then, The Tosser part of me just flings my clothes over the dresser or chair, sometimes the floor, until morning. I'm the one who tidys up anyway, so I feel I can do what I want with my clothes. No one is going to pick up after me I can tell you!

However, if I were wearing a gown such as is pictured in this post, I would probably take great care and hang it up again in the closet. This card features one of the Vegetable Couture dress stamps by The Lockhart Stamp Company. These are wonderful stamps and the creator, Karen Lockhart, has many wonderful stamps on her website. Click on the link to visit her site to see for yourself.


Trapedinga said...

I have to admit I'm a Tosser. Where they fall is where they fall. I have to tidy up anyway.
Barb, you're coming up with some Great Stuff for your blog. Love It!

Aunt T said...

I'm a jeweler!



Peggy said...

I'm a mix. I go into the walkin closet and dump everything into a neat pile. Cuz I know, just like you Barb... no ones picking up after me. So, where do I fit in the mix of 6?

Julie said...

LOL According to this, I am a jeweler. However, I am not romantic and whatever the jeweler description is. I "AM" a jeweler...lol and the reason I take of my jewelry first is so thatit does not get damaged. One of the most common reasons for needing jewelry repair is because care was not taken when removing clothing :)

doverdi said...

What a fun quiz. Thanks for sharing it. I love your card too. How nice to pick a card theme to match your quiz.

jdpisces said...

I'm probably half neatnik and half dabbler. But I sure don't believe that the only way to solve problems is to avoid them....if only it were that easy....