Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just Because....

Just because my children are all grown up now, doesn't mean that I "must" think of them as adults. Today my featured card is one I made for my son, Andrew, when he called to tell me that he'd been accepted into the Apprenticeship Program for "Heavy Duty Equipment Technician". "teabear" from The Stamp Shack commented on my card that she thought it was just wonderful that I still "saw" my grown son as a little boy. I hadn't realized it until I read that comment, but it's true. I'm sure this is true of a great many of mothers with grown children. While we're in the midst of teething, potty training, disciplining, laundry, picking up after them, and all of the other wonderful things involved in child-rearing, we forget that they will grow up and leave home and all we will have left will be those memories which magically transform themselves into "good times".

Anyway, this card depicts Andrew as a boy loving all those great, big trucks, diggers and cement trucks. I'm just go happy that he will be able to continue to "play" with his favourite toys and earn a healthy wage, too! Congratulations, Andrew and keep up the good work. I love you, Son.

The Little Boy stamp is one created for Victims of Violence for the "It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child" campaign. It was created by Heather of Heather's Stamping Haven using their logo and all proceeds from the sale of this stamp are being contributed to Victims of Violence.

The trucks used were images sent to me by teabear. They are from the Construction Set offered by Close To My Heart (CTMH). Contact your local consultant for more information.


Sherelle said...

Your card is adorable! I love the truck stamps...too cute!

hutch ink designs... said...

What a great card for your son! You must be so proud of him!