Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Did you know I have a mouse phobia?

Well, it's true. When the kids were little, if there was a mouse in the house, I was always able to control my reaction to it. I wouldn't scream or jump up on a chair or anything like that. I knew that I had to not frighten my children, so I kept a lid on it. Then, one day, when I was alone in the house, it happened! Yes, it did. I was walking into the living room when right over there, in the dining room, was a brown, furry, HUGE, and I mean at least 6 feet tall (think Jimmy Stewart in Harvey), critter. I stopped dead in my tracks and watched in horror as that THING scurried across the floor and under the dining room cabinet. I stood there, gaping, for at least 15 seconds. I finally made it to a chair and curled up in the fetal position. I remember it being about 2 minutes before 9:00a.m. because I called John, my husband, at work, praying that he would answer the phone. He's a teacher you see, and class started at 9:00. Thankfully he answered the phone and all I could do was whisper, "There's a mouse in the house, please come home." He could hear the distress in my voice and left the class to come home. What he found when he arrived scared the living daylights out of him. He says my eyes were glassy, I was screaming and wailing and he was afraid I would have a heart attack. That poor man had to take two days off work and take me to the doctor to get a prescription. I don't remember what was prescribed, only that if I saw another mouse I was to place a tablet under my tongue, let it dissolve and it would wipe out my short term memory! My God, I am a grown woman, much bigger than a mouse, but there you go.

Why do I tell you this, you might ask. Well, if you look at the card with this post, you will see it is a House Mouse stamp. I am living proof that stamping, cardmaking and scrapbooking can change your life! Here it is, a scant two years after that incident and I'm colouring the little buggers! No meds required!

Well, I've said enough for today. Thanks for dropping by. I'll be back again, soon.


Thanh said...

LOL!!!! Oh Barb, you made me laugh. I cant wait to get your cards in the show, and I hope that you will never have to see a live lil bugger again ;)

flipflops4sherri said...

Oh what a cute House Mouse card!! Very very cute Barb!!

Mary said...

That is the funniest story!! I'm so glad you got over your phobia. My DH once tried to swat a mouse in our bedroom with a broom. It ran at him and he squeeled like a girl and jumped up on the bed! LOL

Mary (toao)