Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Coffee Anyone!

Oh my, how good it feels to get back into my craft room, you know, the one with the offending guest bed in it. Just kidding, we love to have visitors and they really need to like sharing the room with my craft supplies. So far, it hasn't been a problem. But I digress -- I really wanted to show you the card I made yesterday. When I met with The Bella, I picked up the Javabellas. I love this stamp. The background paper is a template downloaded from The Stamp Shack. As members, we can download all the templates Sherry offers on her site. It makes me feel like "one" with my friends. I have one friend in particular, Hazel, who is my BFF. She and I go waaaay back and have had a solid friendship free of quarrels. All this through the raising of our children (a mine-field for falling out with friends), a divorce (mine and she has managed to stay friends with both of the parties to that marriage), and, last but not least, living several hundred miles apart for much of the time (and they say relationships can't stand long distances). As a side bar, today is Haz's birthday, so my friend, Happy Birthday to You! Over the years we have talked at LEAST once a week on the telephone. It never fails that one of us will say, "I wish we could just get together for a coffee." When we lived near each other, and I mean literally around the corner, her house was my house and vice-versa. I remember one day one of her sons arrived at my door to say my Mother had been trying to call me but the line was busy. Upon checking it out, I found my daughters were using the computer for online chatting (we had dial-up then). Hazel has been my friend and confidante for so long that we can't possibly fall out now. She could bury me with the secrets I've told her!

Anyway, I started out this post to show you my card and ended up telling you about my friend. That's okay, that's what blogs are for. I sit down and start typing and my fingers seem to be connected to my sub-conscious 'cause it's always a surprise to me what appears on the page.

Thanks for looking and come back soon.


Michelle said...

I LOVE the BG paper! I had no idea the shack offered that! Very cool, Barb!

jdpisces said...

Barb ~ what a sweet story about you and Hazel (Happy Birthday, Haz!). It's so great to have friendships like that! Love your javabellas!


shuggy said...

what a great card!! i love the javabellas!!!

Mary said...

Darling card Barb!


Ethel Amutan said...

Cute card, Barb! And, yes, I agree the Stamp Shack is a wonderful place to be!

Basement Stamper said...

Love the bellas, I am awaiting mine here hopefully tomorrow as I'm ready to create!