Sunday, February 25, 2007

Other Stuff

As this blog is called Barb's Card Creations & Other Stuff, today is about the 'other stuff'. As previously posted, I went to visit my children and grandsons in Toronto in mid-February. Above this post you will see a Photo Flick created through Picturetrail. Just click on any photo to see a larger version. I will leave this on for a few days because I'm so very proud of them and want to share. I had a wonderful, whirlwind visit and enjoyed just watching my grandbabies sitting on the blanket and playing with their toys. They are 7 months and 8 months and both are very active babies. I was able to feed them, change them and give them back to their mamma when the cried. Now that's what being a grandparent is all about! One night I even got to keep Owen overnight. In the middle of the night, he would wake up and babble to himself, make those beautiful little baby noises and then go back to sleep. It was a joy just to listen to him in the darkness.

The week flew by all to quickly and now I'm home again. I'm going to go make some cards now and will post the best one tomorrow. See ya' all later.

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Julie said...

Barb- that slide s how is amazingly cool!