Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Got the Music, the Music's In Me!

I love 50's music. I was listening to the American Graffiti CD while making this card. This stamp is from Pink Cat Studio. They have amazing stamps and I'm planning on getting more very soon.

I'm off to Toronto next week. My daughter, Kirsten, is coming in from England with her son, Owen. Unfortunately her husband, John, will be staying home as he's saving his vacation time for the summer. My youngest son, Phil and his partner, Kristyn, also have a baby, Jackson, and so me, Grandma, is going to have lots of cuddles and babysitting time! I can hardly wait. In fact, all of my children live in the Toronto area; my eldest daughter, Tiffany, will be celebrating her birthday next week and my son, Andrew and his girlfriend Sheena, will have the absolute pleasure of hosting me while I'm there. It seems everybody is taking time off work to enjoy some quality family time together. I would like to think it's because Mom is coming to town, but I really know it's because Kirsten & Owen will be here. My daughters have the strongest bond between sisters I have ever seen. Of course, they are only 11 months apart, and have shared a room until they were well into adulthood. The boys arrived much later and I'm sure it feels like they have three mothers, me and their sisters. I'm very proud to say that all the siblings are close to one another. I think that is so important and I hope it continues forever.

I hope to visit some scrapbook and stamp stores next week. I'm even hoping to meet Emily, of Stamping Bella fame, while I'm in Toronto. One of my strong desires is to visit The Cherished Scrapbook, both in Mississauga and Thornhill. One can't get enough of scrapbook stores and Toronto has an absolute plethora of such facilities as compared to Thunder Bay.

We also have other family members and friends to visit. My own sister, Shirley, my brother Bob, BFF many people to see and so little time. I'm just looking forward to seeing my grandsons again. The last time I saw them they were just 5 weeks and 12 weeks old. Now they are 7 months and 8 months and, according to all accounts, both are sitting up, smiling and laughing out loud, very sociable and if they "make strange" with Grandma, I will be devastated. I haven't bought them anything yet because I want to see their size for myself, but I do intend to buy presents for them. After all, what is a Grandma for, if not to spoil them with gifts. It's just really hard to do that when I am so far away. Plus, I have great plans for when they are a little older. Because walking is difficult for me, when they visit Grandma's house, we going to spend quality time stamping cards and stuff! I will nurture their creativity in any way I can.

Well, that's it for now. Enjoy today and be happy!

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Michelle said...

Your card reminds me exactly of American Graffiti!
How great that you will be able to visit with all of your family! That happens so rarely these days.
Oh, I would love to visit the scrapbook store you mentioned...I've seen the website and the store looks HUGE!And to meet emily would be great...I love reading her blog!