Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Grandbabies are Gorgeous

I'm at Andrew (my son)and Sheena's apartment and he and Sheena out picking up some groceries. We're having company for lunch so I can show off my grandbabies to their great uncle who hasn't seen them yet. They are so beautiful. Both boys are sitting up and almost crawling. Jack, 7 months, gets around the floor using an inch-worm motion. Pushes his chest and belly up off the floor, dives forward and clunks down on his belly. But when he sees a toy he wants, he's determined to get it, let me tell you.

Owen was considerably jet-lagged after his flight from the UK. But he's beautiful, too. He is 8 months and has more of a little boy look, as opposed to baby look. He's quite serious little fellow, but then he came from a house with only Mummy and Daddy, to a house full of strangers, loud music, another baby and lots of goings on. He'll get used to it and will be an absolute joy to watch. Thankfully, neither of the babies made strange with Grandma. That would have broken my heart, but all I got was smiles all around and lots of cuddles. More cuddles coming today.

I'm having just the bestest ever time with my family. I'll post pictures in a couple of days. I can't wait to show you!


Michelle said...

Gorgeous Grandbabies, Barb!

Michelle said...

So i hear you met Emily and Nicky? (tapping my foot) And just WHEN are you gonna post pictures? Huh?
I'm so glad you are having fun! Enjoy your family time!