Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm retiring, again!

Tomorrow will be my last day at work. I took on an assignment that should have lasted until the end of March, but I find working five days a week just too much for me. I have some health issues that make working five days straight difficult and an employer has a right to expect the person they hire to be there. I asked my director to find someone else and she did. She made it very clear that she loved having me there, that my personality is a good fit with the other staff members and my work has been impeccable. I thought that was extremely gracious of her, considering that this is a bit of a headache for her having to train someone else, etc. However, we are parting on good terms and that is extremely important to me.

The upside of this is that I will have more time to craft now. And, just so you know, I love the Bella stamps. I'll share a few of the cards I've made here for you to see. I'm no "artist" compared to some of the crafters I know from The Stamp Shack, but I love making cards nonetheless. Enjoy!

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