Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hi Everybody, I'm Home!

And ready to report on the wedding and my week in Cuba, along with a few pics. First, let me show off my son, Phil and his lovely bride, Kristyn.

Aren't they a gorgeous couple? Kristyn was absolutely beautiful and Phil looked so handsome. I was so proud of them both I was near bursting.

The first pic was just after the ceremony which took place in a lovely gazebo on the resort grounds. The staff decorated it beautifully with sheer, billowing curtain panels gathered and tied in the middle and the chairs were covered in the same material. Here's a picture of Kristyn with her sister, Kelly, her maid of honour. Kelly's dress was a gorgeous blue, just right for a beach wedding.

The young woman on the right side of the picture is my DD, Tiffany. Tiff was a great help all week with looking after the two grandsons, Owen and Jackson. At 16 months and 17 months, those little guys never stop! I had totally forgotten how active they can be at that age. I'm glad there were 22 other people in our party to help out the parents. When there's water around you can't have too many eyes keeping watch!

Here's a pic of the two boys with me, Grandma. My DS, Andrew, is helping me to hold Owen. And, once again, Tiffany (on the right of the picture) is there giving Jackson a cookie and standing guard in case I need help hanging onto the babies. I just loved having them around all week to watch them play together. Owen (on the left) has now returned home to England with his Mom & Dad (my DD Kirsten and DSIL, John) and Jackson (on the right) is at home with Phil and Kristyn (the newlyweds).

Do I look ecstatic or what? I'll end this post here as I think it's long enough for now. I will post more pics later, but I've got to get into my craft room. After 12 days away, I'm anxious to get back to playing. See you soon.


'Bella and Gabe said...

Ohhhh Barb! Beautiful wedding!! Such lovely photos! I'm so happy you posted and shared them. Magical times weddings are, eh?


~ Jennifer

Heather Grow said...

Welcome back, Barb. Can't wait to see all the creations you come up with this week.

Tami Bayer said...

Such a beautiful wedding! Just look at you beaming with those beautiful grand-boys. Great pics.

All Pink girl said...

Wow such a beautiful wedding ,you all look like you were having a great time ,Dawnxx

Lesa said...

Great photos - TFS! Did you wear the blue dress? Grandbabies are adorable - you look so happy! Sounds like a wonderful wedding. Have fun back in the stamp room :)

flipflops4sherri said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome photos. Everyone looks so happy!!! Now get back to "creating". We've missed you roomie.

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Wow! Such a beautiful time! I bet the photos dont even begin to do justice for how happy you were with all of your family with you.

Thanks soo much for sharing with us!

Shannon McGann said...

Welcome home, Barb! Your family is lovely! What a beautiful bride and handsome groom! I'm so glad you had such a good time!