Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year, Everybody!

Well, I did say I would post the rules for Bingo today, so here they are, just for you.

Ways to Win:
Round 1, will be one line, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
Round 2 will a T, either top or bottom.
Round 3 will be an X.
Round 4 will be an H, either horizontal or vertical.
Round 5 will be a Blackout or Full card.

Prizes: For all of the rounds in this Bingo game, the prize will be an Electronic Gift Certificate to one of the many stamping companies we all know and love. You will find out on Wednesday what the first company will be.

Be sure to hang onto a clean copy of your card, because the game board resets each round.

You must email me or comment on a post stating that you are the first to have Bingo, T, X, H or Blackout, to claim your prize. All claims will be verified against my master list. Once someone has won in any given category, that category is no longer active and we will clear the Bingo cards (put all the numbers back in the pot) and start the game again until we have a winner in each category.

Bingo Calling:
I will call (post) a new number each day starting Wednesday January 2nd. I will also maintain a master post with all called numbers for the current round in case you get behind or start late. If you want to speed up the bingo calling, just enter a card in the contest. Make a card using a card sketch of your choice. Post a link to your card, and where you found the card sketch, be it SCS or one of the many bloggers who post card sketches on their blogs in the comments section. For every card entered, I will add an extra bingo number.

So, for Round 1, the challenge will be to make a card using stamps by Stampin’ Up. This is such a well known company, I think most people have at least one stamp in their stash. You can use any sketch, any colour combo, any technique you want. Remember to post a comment, with a link to your card, whether it be on your blog or in SCS gallery or one of the many free albums available on the web, it doesn’t matter. For every card that is presented, I will call an extra number, beginning on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008.

If you submit a card, but it doesn’t show up in the numbers called the next day, I probably received it too late, but it will go into the next day’s numbers called.

This post will remain here until Wednesday, when Round 1 will begin. Have a great New Year, everyone.


Tracy.H said...

Okay Barb...I would love to join in the round. What do I need to do to get my Bingo card? :0)

Shannon McGann said...

Yay! I'm so excited! My DH is giving me a day off tomorrow so I'll be in my craft room making cards to post to get more numbers!!!

Heather Grow said...

I'm excited, Barb. I guess I need to get crackin on some cards.