Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it’s me again; GrampaStamper. As you probably know, we’ve moved from beautiful Thunder Bay to beautiful Guelph; from the country to the city; from deer crossing the yard to grandkids crossing the carpet. All in all, pretty good. I have my 30 square feet of space for my computer and Barb has her 300 square feet for crafts.

As anyone who goes back in this blog can see, Barb has come a long way in creating cards, both in creativity and technique, but, and there is always a but, her spatial awareness still needs some work.

Exhibit “A”: This is our dining area. It’s not a separate room; just an area off the main living room. Note the elemental balance, the masterful use of colour, the tonal subtlety.

You guessed it: I arranged this.

Exhibit “B”: This is part of Barb’s craft room. Barb put these pictures up. While they are grand, there is something about them …

I have no idea how she reached the required height of the top one, near the left of the picture, but it has a verse that I think only passing seagulls can read. The picture of our kids, by itself on the right, is noticeably listing starboard, perhaps to evoke fond memories from our time in the Maritimes but more likely she couldn’t offset the weight of the stand the frame was built with.

So, friends, while we celebrate this Thanksgiving here in Canada, I am especially thankful for the fact that, although close, she’s not perfect. For imperfections foster growth and growth fosters a deeper relationship.

And besides, she’s fun to tease.

- GrampaStamper


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Your posts are always SO funny! Glad Barb can take it all in good fun!

mudmaven said...

Right brain, left brain - no brainer! That's why you two are so well suited to each other! Happy Thanksgiving! ~chris

Lesa said...

Happy Thanksgiving you two! :)

Anonymous said...

uh oh..Grampastamper better be careful..we wouldn't want you to get in trouble!
I hope you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving

Tami Bayer said...

So nice to see you here grampastamper. I nearly spit out my tea reading your funny comments especially about the inbalance in the amount of space you each have. We need 10 times more room for all the embellishments. LOL! Happy Thanksgiving.

Pam Speidel said...

ROFLOL! I love your sense of humor grampastamper...hopefully, grammastamper loves it too. ;)