Friday, July 31, 2009

Venturing out to my own layouts now...

This morning I decided it was time to make a page all by myself, ie. without following a lesson from anywhere. I wanted to see how much I had learned and if I could, in fact, make a pleasing page. I think I did! But, maybe that's just me.

This is our kitty, Burt. He arrived at our house in February and weighed in at approximately 2.25 lbs. He was a little mite of a thing, but nevertheless, it didn't stop him from climbing up onto my workspace table and checking out all the goodies I have strewn around there. He especially loves the ribbon holder.

One of the most difficult things I find with digital scrapbooking is keeping supplies in an orderly fashion. I thought it would be easier than storing the hard stuff we use in cardmaking and the like, but this is every bit as challenging. For instance: how do you store your embellishment files. I have tons already from different stores and designers. Likewise with paper, photomasks, brushes, etc. How do you give credit for the items you use if you can't remember where you got them? So, I think the answer is to have one main folder called Digital Supplies and several sub-folders with the names of the designer/store. That could be broken down even further to have sub-sub files for paper, embellies, masks, brushes, etc. If anyone reading this has any ideas or a super method of storage of supplies, please, please share it with me.

Kelly Halbert - background paper, photo mask
Scrap Girls - embellishments
Rhonna Farrer - brush
Trish Jones - distressed edge
Font - Vegas LET

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Suzi said...

I am just getting my feet wet in this whole digital thing. Haven't really DONE anything but am accumulating (free) stuff. What I do (and I have an external hard drive so I have TONS of space-for now) is have 2 files for my digital elements. First file is the whole "kit" saved w/name, read-me file & all the info. That way, if I want to use all the elements on a page, I can & have all the info.

I also have a 2nd file w/digital elements by type. I broke down all the kits seperating the "paper" from the "brushes" from the "stickers". The paper is arranged by color. That way, if I want a blue "paper", I can find that. The names contain the initials of the designer so I can go back to my original file & find all the info.

As I said, I haven't USED this system and all my elements are freebies from 2Ps. When/If I ever get deeper into this, this system may not work & will need to be fixed. We'll see.