Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lesson 4 is now completed!

This has just been a fantastic trip. With all the notes provided, there is every reason for me to start mixing and matching and creating my own original layouts. A huge thank you to Jessica Sprague. Her teaching style and the videos are great.


Avril Ann said...

What a fab memory to have as a Scrapbook paper. My oldest grand-daughter will be 11 on Wednesday and loves to craft. She raids my shed when she comes to visit. Smirk have a new Xmas stamp range, so yesterday I made a huge box of goodies to send to her, so that she can make a start on her Xmas cards..bit scared of the postage charges when I take it to the Post Office..LOL. Hugs Avril xx

Thanh said...

I am lovin all the scrapbook "pages!"