Sunday, July 19, 2009

I may have to re-name by blog if this keeps up!

Maybe it should just be "Barb's Creations" and leave it at that. I'm in deep into the digital scrapping now. I have started another class, Now We're Rockin', on the Jessica Sprague site. Everything required to complete the page below has been provided and then some. I've been working on Lesson 1 off and on all day and finally finished just moments ago. Okay, so presenting my first work in this particular class, is Owen playing in his yard. This photo is from last year when he was two years old, but I used it because it was the right shape for this layout.

Even though this is only Lesson 1, I'm pretty sure I'm going to take another course when this one is over.


Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens Barb, you are totally rockin this digital thing! I am soooo afraid to try it since I am pretty sure it will suck my in! LOL!

mudmaven said...

What a great page! I signed up for Up & Running this morning and now wish I'd signed up for all three in the series! You are surely one of her star pupils! ~chris

Thanh said...

This is quite cute Barb! Love the layout you chose.