Saturday, March 7, 2009

I received a lovely award

My friend, Sue, a.k.a. frankiesue, sent me this lovely award while I was in cyber-limbo. I am very pleased to post it today. Apparently, there is one rule to this reward, and that is to pass it along to 10 people. Well, I visit about 70 blogs, through Google Reader so I get an overview of each blog, so it shouldn't be hard to find 10 blogs I love. Some of these people won't even know who I am, but they should now that I admire their work, so here it goes: Gina K., Julee (vervegirl), Color Throwdown, Dana, Little Paper Shop, Carole, Jenn, Traci, Shannon and Cathy. These names are in no particular order, I enjoy them all. You are all worthy of this award and a huge thank you to Sue for bestowing it upon me. I hope we get to meet up when I'm in London visiting my DD.

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