Friday, August 29, 2008

My craft room is sort of ready!

If you look at the pic of my desk, to the right is a door that leads into the kitchen and you can see a bit of DH's desk and chair. When we're both on our computers, we can see and chat with each other very easily. To the left my computer desk stands the printer which is on top of a file cabinet. Next to the printer is a craft table that holds the overflow of stuff that I use but don't need all the time. It has things like my Postal scale, Bind-It-All, extra flowers and pens, etc. It's handy if I need them.

These two pics are of my craft table where I do all of my playing/creating. Above the table are my new craft racks for ink pads and ribbon storage. I bought them from Dave Jarvis in Brantford, ON and picked them up on Wednesday last. DH bought them for my birthday which was last Monday (Aug. 25). I was so excited to get them on the wall and loaded up! If you're interested, you can contact Dave at (sorry, I don't know how to make it link for you). Dave will be happy to give you a price and he will ship anywhere in North America.
To the left of my craft table stands the big, tall storage unit. It is home to all of my stamp sets. Right now the bottom two shelves have some of John's CDs and books, but they're getting sent to a new home soon and will be replaced by my clear stamps sets, of which I have thousands and thousands (not really, but is sounds good).

This last picture is of the closet. It is home to four Iris carts which contain craft stuff I absolutely need. I couldn't tell you what is in them at the moment, but I know I needed whatever is in the drawers. On top of the carts are plastic storage bins which hold all my 8-1/2" x 11" cardstock, all nicely labelled and sorted by colour families, ie: pinks, reds, oranges.....etc. In front of each colour is a file for scraps in that colour. It works well for me.

I can tell this will be a never-ending project of re-organizing, re-arranging and constant growth, but it's so much fun having an entire room dedicated to my craft. I love it!


mudmaven said...

Looks like you are well on your way to getting things back on track. YAY! I hate that transition period after a move - guess that's why I haven't moved in 25 years! I did move my craft studio upstairs last year to get more room - filled it right up though so it's still pretty crowded in here. Thanks for sharing your space with us! ~chris

Shannon McGann said...

Looks amazing! What a bright, cheery room!

Tami Bayer said...

Love the new room! You have so much space, too. The way you and John have the computers set up is so smart and you can visit while you are doing your own playtime. Really wonderful. Where is that sneaky grampastamper's blog? I'd like to read it :)