Sunday, August 17, 2008

JLO Reward Games

Starting Friday August 15th through Sunday September 28st JessicaLynnOriginal is hosting our own version of the Olympic Games to earn Gift Certificates. Why is it running so long, so people can order stamps and have enough time to get them via the mail.

The Gift Certificates can be used for anything in our store and they are also transferable. So if you wanted to give any or all of it away as a gift that can be done for no cost.


1st Place Top Point Collector - GOLD: $75.00 JessicaLynnOriginal Gift Certificate

2nd Place -SILVER: $35.00 JessicaLynnOriginal Gift Certificate

3rd Place - BRONZE: $15.00 JessicaLynnOriginal Gift Certificate

There will be other prizes such as: coupons, free stamps, custom stamps, and more!

How to Register: (Early Registrations from August 15th-August 24th )

1. You will need to be a registered user on the JessicaLynnOriginal
website. (username & password)
2. Send an Email to (you will get an
email back once you are registered)

In that email please include:

* Subject Line: JLO Games
* Name (1st & last)
* Email Address for contact purposes.
* City, State


* Each point achievement has its own set of requirements.

* Be sure to review how to earn those points

* All requests for points must be qualified.

* 12:01am Friday August 15th - 11:59pm September 28st

* Design Team & Stamp Club Members, and any other person who would
like to win the gift certificates are eligible to be part of this contest.

We will have an Olympic page that you want watch the "status" on the points.

We will update the points totals as often as we can.

Add my name to help you earn GOLD!

Earning "Points" or Achievements

Number of Achievements & How You Earn Them

1 point * for each person you refer to sign up for the JessicaLynnOriginal mailing list. The email address must be an active email to qualify.

Requirement:Include your first & last name (please add Barb Kaszuba if I am the one referring you) in the Referral Code box.

1-3 points * If you create a card using JessicaLynnOriginal stamps and post it on:

* Your Blog = 1 point
* Splitcoaststampers = 1 point
* The Stamp Shack = 1 point

Requirement: To earn the point you must include "stamp from JessicaLynnOriginal" in your details about the card.

Earns a point. (1 point for each location you post the card)

Requirement: You must email us with the link to view that the card was posted in any of those locations.

3 points *

Each Order from JessicaLynnOriginal's online store will earn you three points.

Requirement: If you have a friend order on your behalf that is just fine.
They would need to include your first & last name in the comments when they submit the order.

Requirement: Your orders count as well.

2 points

If you are member of the JessicaLynnOriginal Stamp club.

(If you are an existing member and your account is active. You already have
2 points)

1 points *

If you register during early registration you earn a point too!

* Only new registrations, new cards, new orders will qualify for the points.
Previous orders are appreciated but do not qualify.

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