Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grandmas have lots of time....??

I found this stamp at the Hobby Craft store at Haskins Garden Centre, Snowhill Lane, Copthorne, RH10 3EY in Dorset. My DD's in-laws were kind enough to take me there because they know I love to make my own cards. Being as I was visiting grandchildren, this stamp really spoke to me that day. I also picked up the ribbon and flowers there. too. Yesterday I made this card and used SU's All In the Family set, as well.

Today I'm off to visit my BFF, Hazel, for lunch. We've been friends for a very, very long time and it feels so good living close enough that we can get together whenever we want. There is only one thing that could possibly improve this friendship and, it would be that Haz takes up scrapbooking or cardmaking. Just kidding because I know she can't for several reasons, but I love her anyway! Haz does faithfully read my blog and supports me in all other ways with this crazy hobby. I can't ask more than that. Besides, if we did this together we'd never accomplish a single page or card because we don't stop yakking from the moment we get together until we part. I'm going to enjoy her company and our lunch today and plan our next get-together. Maybe we'll include our DHs next time and go to a pub or something.

See you soon, Haz. Put the tea kettle on the hob! (She's Irish!)


mudmaven said...

I love this card Barb! So cute and I too can relate! Have fun at lunch today. ~chris

Cindi said...

adorable card!! I love those kids sayings. I'm glad you have had fun time with your grand kiddos