Friday, June 13, 2008

Some calm before the storm!

I have been so busy preparing for our garage sale tomorrow and I'm exhausted, really. I've been going through the closets to find things we no longer need or want, scouring the garage and our downstairs for useless (to us) items that don't need to be hauled a thousand miles to our new home. After all, we are downsizing from a 5-bedroom home to a 2-bedroom and a craft room condo. It's really 3-bedrooms but I am claiming one of them for a craft room, so there! Anyway, I found myself with a few hours before the young lads from across the stree come over to set up the tables and start moving stuff out to the garage so I decided to post some cards and ATC's I've made. Are you ready? Here we go....

I signed myself up for three ATC swaps over at The Stamp Shack. They are, in no particular order because I can't remember which pic shows up first, Sassy Stripes and Playful Polka Dots. Both of these swaps are being hosted by my good frient, Sherri a.k.a. iloveflipflops. They're not due until late August, but I'm getting them done now so I won't be late due to moving and stuff.

The middle picture is for the Tea and Cakes swap being hosted by another Shackie, Sue a.k.a. Artyfarty. Sue lives in England and I hope to meet her one day when I'm visiting my DD and grandsons.

Last up is the card I made for our neighbour, Nick. He recently was hospitalized and spent a couple of days in the ICU and I thought that this stamp was very appropriate being as when his wife asked him if there was anything he needed, his response was, "yea, please bring me a pair of underwear". Honest, I didn't peek through the window at all! LOL!

I'm happy to say that Nick is now back home and recuperating nicely. My DH will be glad to get outside and go visit Nick soon.


Kim H. said...

Love the ICU card! The ATC's are wonderful too! Good luck with your sale! Hope it goes well :)

Jennifer said...

I sure wish I could help you get ready for your garage sale tomorrow and also shop at it. If it weren't such a L-O-N-G drive from here! YIKES!

I love the ICU card. What a hoot! Your neighbor will love it.

Still hoping once you've moved and are settled and get through all of the big events coming up for you that at some point, you and I can get together!

Stacy said...

The ICU card is really cute!

NormaJ said...

Good luck with your sale Barb. Hope you make a mint.
As for your ICU card, it is a hoot.

Shannon McGann said...

That ICU card is priceless! What a cute stamp! Love your ATCs too!

I hope your garage sale goes welL!

Thanh said...

I hope the garage sale went well!