Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm embarrassed!

A couple of weeks ago, well Oct 17th to be exact, a lovely person who visits my blog regularly sent me the "You Make Me Smile" award. Nicola is from the UK and has a wonderful blog. I do hope you drop in on her. So, a very public thank you to Nicola of My Paper World and an apology for not posting it sooner. I saved the award and was cleaning my files on my desktop today when I saw it again and realized my faux paux. Please, forgive me. Without further adieu, I will now proudly display the "You Make Me Smile" award.

And now it's my turn to nominate someone, but there is some difficulty in choosing so, for now, I will nominate five blogs I visit regularly, but in my heart, all of the blogs listed on the right "Make Me Smile".

A Day in the Life - Gina K.
Bloggabella - Em
Ribbons and Ink - Heather
Rings Like a Bell - Rhiannon
We Grow By Our Dreams - Heather

Thank you all for making me smile!


Heather Phillips said...

aww, thanks!! that is so sweet and I am tickled to know that you enjoy my blog and that I rank up there with these other gals! :)

Heather Grow said...

Thanks Barb. I checked out Nicola's blog. It's awesome. She has some great card layouts.

Gina K. said...

Thanks Barb! I appreciate the nomination! I like your blog too! You made me smile today!!!

My Paper World said...

You really do deserve it! Thanks again for always making me smile, with your fab projects!

Shannon McGann said...

Congratulations, Barb - you deserve this award! You are such a great person, and your blog is wonderful!

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

You make me smile too, Barb! You also reminded me that I got tagged a while back. . .and never posted this either! Yikes!

All Pink girl said...

Hi ,thanks for stopping by ,is it the shoe card that you needed to know about if so ,i made this pattern my self but if you give me a couple of day's to find it and you send me your e-mail address i will send to you it is a bit fidley to do but they are worth it ,hope this help's Dawnxxx