Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can you believe it's May already!

And that means Mother's Day cards. Sadly, my Mom passed four years ago, before I started stamping and making my own cards. Therefore, she was never the recipient of a card made with love by my own hands. This year I decided to make some Mother's Day cards anyway. I called my daughter, Tiffany, in Toronto and asked her if I could send some to her and would she mind showing them to her colleagues at work. She was quite willing to do that and suggested I write a little blurb so that she could post on the intranet at her place of business. I had to laugh because when she said I should do it because her blurb would read something like, "My Mom makes cards, wanna buy one?". I thought I had better do my own. I did, she posted and sent me an e-mail saying I had my first order. Off the cards, seven in total, go to her. She called me last week and literally gushed over my cards. I can't tell you how pleased I was to hear my eldest daughter telling me how great my cards look. I mean, really, those of you with children, how many times in your life, and their's, have your kids told you how great you are at something? In reality, we all know that our children know more than we do at any given moment of the day so you gotta know I was lapping this praise up like a kitten with a bowl of milk! Then, Monday she called me and asked me to make two more of a particular card, as a special order, and five more Mother's Day cards because they're selling like hotcakes! YIPPEE SKIPPEE! Anyway, here's three that I did today.

I'll be back at it tomorrow, too and then I'll Xpresspost them on Friday so as not to disappoint my fans.....sorry, customers. LOL! The middle card is based on a card I saw at Much to Stamp, a blog by Julie Mutch. Thanks to Julie for the inspiration.


Julie Mutch said...

Hi Barb!

Gorgeous cards! They'll be treasured by some happy recipients, I'm sure! :)

Love the extra slit and framed saying that you added to the middle card. (Wink) Love the 3rd card, too. Pink and brown are among my favourite colours to put together. Neat idea of using the slot punch with your scalloped oval.

Have a great night!


Allison said...

That idea on the third card with the scalloped oval is genius...great job!

Tami said...

Great cards, Barb. Thanks for sharing them with us. Your daughter is a gem to sell them for you :)